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Using Videoed for your conference video production is a safe choice as we produce conferences for many of the worlds largest organisations

If your looking to film your own conference and do the editing yourself or task our team to edit the footage that you have videoed of your conference you can take comfort that our team who have been servicing the shoot it yourself DIY Conference Video Market and providing Professional Conference Videographers since 2005. We are run and operated by a team of passionate videographers and a social enterprise supporting many positive effect projects with a proven track record of delivering the highest standard of service based on our self set high standards. To date we have completed well over two thousand video packages to the Conference Video industry which we are sure would make us the largest and longest established provider to the conference videography market.

You will see whats included in our packages and we would urge you to compare what Videoed offer and include as standard in our packages and make your own mind up, we would like to think that we offer an extremly competitive yet the most comprehensive packages available backed by as far as we are aware the most experienced and dedicated team and all our services benefit from the following professional touches that you will not find elsewhere.

Selecting Your Conference Video Package

Its easy to choose the conference video package that suits your needs and budget best you can easily see whats included in each package above to keep everything as straight forward as possible.

The main decision you are faced with is deciding between filming and editing the footage yourself or film the conference and have our team edit the footage for you or you may decide to let the crew at videoed film edit and produce your conference so you have nothing at all to worry about 

Each package has various options including HD and 4K video cameras along with multiple camera set ups so you should see an option for any style of conference video you have in mind and if you would rather have something tailored then please reach out we would love to put together specially to meet you unique requirements.

Hire Period

As standard our package gives you 5 days hire of your conference video package allowing you time to easily master the techniques and skills you will master when filming your Conference Video however you can select a longer period for a small fee as you will see when you book your package.

Make sure that you get the maximum amount of time with your equipment before your shoot so you are comfortable to get the best results on your big day we would normally deliver on the Thursday and collect the equipment on the following Monday giving you plenty of time to become familiar with the video camera.

We deliver your equipment in a neat flight case with wheels and a pull out handle so everything is well protected and easy to transport (you dont even have to carry the box) and once your finished we will return to collect the equipment.

Best Video Camera Models to Hire for Conference Videos

As a leading Video Camera Hire Supplier we have access to a vast range of video cameras and have made some recommendations for the equipment we feel is most suited to the conference video industry so we have shortlisted two models to keep things simple.

All the video cameras available to hire to film your conference will deliver the very best results for your budget and skill level.


Top Lights

We provide a professional manfrotto camera top light with your conference video hire package to ensure you have the basic tools at your dispoal that any professional would not be without. 

This handy light will help you out in tricky situations especially if you need to film some participant interviews or if you need to film in a location that is dimly lit.

Easy to use they attach to a mount on top of the camera and the video camera will automatically adjust once the video light is switched on.

Conference Video Tripods

A simple yet one of the most important accessories you will need to create the perfect Film It Yourself Conference Video and one you really cant afford to be without. To help you shoot over long periods or during the ceremony and speeches using one of our tripods will make things much easier and keep the resulting video footage nice and stable you may find if your shooting in a conference centre that the presenters will be fine with a video camera set up on a tripod close to the action but not allow you to stand with it so without a tripod you could become unstuck.

As we believe every conference video package should include a tripod we have included a Manfrotto Video Tripod choosen for its superior build quality and professional features all our video packages include this simple to use but high quality life saver.

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