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Film Yourself Conference Package

Everything you need to hire for filming your conference to the highest standards, designed with ease of use in mind to video record your conference.

With our film it yourself  conference package you will have delivered to your door hand picked tailored equipment to cover the key main areas of any Conference Video Production rest assured to operate the equipment requires no technical skill or prior experience and with this in mind you will find all the important boxes have been ticked to ensure when you hire a conference package that you are selecting the very best equipment available to get the best results the end result being a high quality video recording of your conference.

The Video my Conference package includes 6 hours record time on the video cameras internal hard drive which should be ample for a full days filming the footage can be transferred after the event by attaching the camera to your PC or Apple with the supplied USB cable and the conference video copied on to your hard drive ready for editing or distribution.

The camera will hunt out all the faces in the picture being videoed and make sure they are in focus and correctly exposed so you will only need to frame the shot and leave the Conference video package to do its job, If a projector or TV is being used in the presentation then the equipment has inbuilt flicker reduction to reduce the associated flicker you may get when recording screens or TVs.

Lighting is an important factor when filming and we have included a camera that excels in low light or high contrast environments which you would experience in most conferences both large and small however if you think you may need lighting then we would be happy to advise on additional lighting bear in mind the Conference filming package works well without the need for any additional light sources in all but the darkest environments.

In with the package is a Tripod and Video Camera top microphone to ensure the footage captured is stable and the audio clear and crisp if a PA system is being used at the conference the you can plug the camera directly into the PA system via XLR cables to take advantage of a direct audio feed if you need any assistance or advice with Audio then we can assist further.

The Video My Conference package can easily be upgraded to include live web streaming of your event across the world wide web to enable anyone anywhere to watch your content live without any fuss! We supply the equipment and all you need to do is to connect the system via WIFI to the internet and your conference will be streamed around the world for everyone to enjoy, Web Streams can be made public or secured by password should you decide to only let chosen people view the content.

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