Shooting a Shoot it yourself Wedding Video Pointers and Tips

So you are about to shoot your first wedding video, good on you!

We have put together the following pointers and tips based on years of experience and hope you will find them useful


The hard work has been done for you here if you have chosen a wedding package then the best Video Camera or Camcorder for the pending wedding video has been hand picked to make sure that you get great quality footage and the camcorder is easy to use.

Shoulder Mount Package

The most popular and highly recommended wedding video camera the Sony HXR MC2000 is included here so you really do have the best equipment to get the best results using this model is simple just follow these pointers and your good to go.

You have two options when shooting you can rest the camcorder on your shoulder and view the footage through the eye piece making the footage you shoot very stable as the camcorder will be using your body to keep everything you film stable and you can move around unrestricted and without the need for a tripod ideal for shots on the go and when the action you are catching is moving from place to place.

You can also flip out the monitor on the camcorder so you can use the camera in the same way you would a hand held giving you great opportunities to shoot various angles.

Preparing your equipment is simple everything will be fully charged for you and the internal hard drive cleared down ready for your wedding video to be recorded in HD.
The power button simply needs to be turned to on and to start the recording press the red button and press the red button again to stop.


You have two options to zoom there are two rocker swithches one located on the right hand side which should come naturally to your fingers when holding the camcorder in the shoulder mount position and the second on the top handle of the Sony 2000 for use when you are using the camcorder in hand held mode.

All other settings

This wedding video camcorder uses an Intelligent Auto mode with face detection, scene detection and shake detection to set everything up for you for optimal picture quality adjusting everything from the white balance and focus through to the exposure, shutter speeds and all the other technical settings that would otherwise need your attention this model evens removes shakes and wobbles to keep everything nice and stable.


To review your footage you simply press the play button located on the side of the camcorder and you can review the wedding footage you have shot.

Hand Held Package

This package includes the Sony HXR MC50 a compact yet outstanding quality video camera.
Everything you get is fully charged and good to go you can record direct to the inbuilt hard drive giving you 6 hours record time.
You can check out the following video to see how easy this camcorder is to use.


You will find a handy rocker switch non the right of the camera where your hand holds the video camera allowing you to easily zoom in and out.

All Other Settings

Everything is taken care of for you so all you need to worry about is the zoom and record button.


To watch whats been recorded simply open the LCD screen panel and on the camera body you will see a play symbol press this and thumbnails of all the clips you have captured will be displayed choose the clip you want to watch by touching it on the screen.


The tripod is a must have for the ceremony and the speeches and attaching the camera is simple.
You remove the Tripod shoe from the tripod and attach it to the bottom of the camera ensuring that the arrow is pointing forward in the direction the camcorder is pointing, once attached you can leave it there so you can quickly swap from hand held shots to tripods shots in seconds.
Adjusting the tripod is easy simply twist the handle and the tripod head moves freely to lock the tripod of again twist the handle clockwise.

Camera Top Light

Attaching the light takes seconds attach the light by sliding it into the hot-shoe on top of the camera and secure it by turning the locking dial.

Its always a good idea to have the light attached to the camera so you always have that extra boost if the subjects you are filming seem to dark again the camera will automatically adjust everything for you when you turn the light on.

Framing The Shot

When shooting your wedding video framing your shot is the most important factor and the following is a list of the points to consider and keep in your mind to get the most from your footage.

Try Not To

Shoot against bright lights
When capturing your DIY wedding video outdoors always try to have the sun against your back as shooting towards the sun will result in dark subjects whilst it not always possible to choose where you will shoot from try your best to always have your back to bright lights or the sun for instance when shooting inside you will find the camera automatically adjust to the lower levels inside but bear in mind that shooting a subject who is standing in front of a window with sun light outside may become darkened as the camera compensates for the bright light so again try and keep your back to windows during daylight hours.

Objects sticking out of peoples heads

A common mistake when shooting videos always look for objects in the background of the subjects you are shooting telegraph poles or trees can look very odd if they appear to be part of your subject so change your position slightly to the left or right so any background objects do not interfere with the subject being shot.

Keep it stable

Use your tripod whenever you can and remember whenever you zoom in your shot any movements you make will be magnified by the amount of times that your zoom factor is so if you need to shoot lots of close up shots then use the tripod.
When shooting with the shoulder mount package you will find keeping everything stable is easy as the camcorder will use your body as the tripod with the smaller handheld package try to use something to rest on or lean on as you are filming if you are not in a suitable location to use the tripod.
Both the camcorders have image stabilization included but the more stable you film the wedding the better the results will be.

Make it Interesting

When filming a wedding get creative try and shoot from different angles simple tricks like getting down low to the ground, shoot from windows and balconies or even stand on a chair, varying the angles all make for a more interesting and comprehensive video.
Try not to shoot everything from the same view point or angle.

Zooming and Panning

Zooming and panning are both techniques used by wedding videographers to add dimension to video footage but be aware whilst zooms and pans look great when they are done smoothly jumpy zoom and pan shots can spoil the overall feel of your shoot it yourself wedding video and if your trying to zoom or pan at a critical point during the day it will be very difficult to salvage any footage captured at this point so keep it simple if your zooming in do it and leave it refrain from zooming in and out or making small adjustments a shot that has a wider angle but is stable and clear is far more effective than a jumpy shot.

Starting and Stopping

Try not to start and stop the video camera all the time and always allow a few seconds after the action you are capturing has finished before stopping the footage this will allow easier and nicer looking edits to be achieved rather than jumping from one scene to another.
Bearing in mind you have 6 hours of capture storage on your camera so shoot in longer bursts rather than short tiny clips you will find you capture moments and events that you would otherwise miss and the flow of your footage will work much better.ttaching the light takes seconds attach the light by sliding it into the hot-shoe on top of the camera and secure it by turning the locking dial.


Its always a good idea to have the light attached to the camera so you always have that extra boost if the subjects you are filming seem to dark again the camera will automatically adjust everything for you when you turn the light on.

What To Video On The Wedding The Day Besides The Obvious

Content and variety is king so as well as the tips above about angles make a check list and ensure you capture the following elements and if possible always use a tripod for these shots this will give you great content for your finished DIY shoot it yourself wedding.

Morning of The Wedding

Wedding rings and jewelry, Dresses and shoes, Flowers, Bridal Preparations and its a great time to take those all important establishing shots.

Before The Cermony

Establishing shots of the location, Cars Arriving With Bride and guests

Prior to and During the Wedding Reception

Establishing Shots of Venue, Shots of the Cake, Shots of the Tables

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Get Your Wedding Videoed

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