“film it yourself, diy or complete wedding video production”

Wedding Video Hire Packages

Whats the Best Way to get your Wedding Videoed?

A DIY or Film it Yourself, a You Film it we Edit or a Full Wedding Video Production We’re here to help you decide the best option for you.

Choose from three different wedding packages so you can simply opt to have the Wedding Video Camera Hire Package with everything you need supplied so you can get on with the filming and editing of your wedding video creation yourself.

If you’d prefer to just shoot it yourself on the wedding day and return the footage to us to create an edited DIY wedding video masterpiece then you have this choice along with one further choice and thats our full wedding production filmed and edited by the best of our team and tailored to your unique requirements.


Wedding Video Camera Hire From £99

Wedding Video Full Production From £600

Wedding Video Hire and Edit From £300

Specialist Wedding Video Production

Choosing how to get your wedding Videoed

Having a video of your wedding is something that will help everyone who watches it keep the memory of your big day fresh and bring joy to your family and friends for decades to come there are several ways to best capture your day and we are the only company we know that offers such a varied range so you can truly get what you need rather than being sold any certain route to create your wedding video.

Whilst budgets range from one hundred pounds for an effective wedding video camera hire all the way through to many thousands of pounds with a professional film crew that would normally be seen filming commercials.

You can select the very best option for not only your budget but to ensure your vision for your wedding video is made a reality you can see details on our wedding video camera hire that gives you a great fun way to cost effectivley create a very personal wedding video that you can edit yourself or you can opt to hire the equipment and let us complete the edit for you making the most of the footage you have filmed or choose one of our full wedding video production packages where we will film produce and edit a premium wedding film capturing all aspects of your day and finally if you want the very best wedding film production our bespoke wedding movie package brings the very best videographers, editors and producers together to create a wedding movie masterpiece for you

Get Your Wedding Videoed

Wedding Video Packages Comparison

Take a look at all our Wedding Video Packages side by side to see what's included with each package this will help you choose what suits your budget and requirements the best  quickly and easily...

Guide to Hiring Video Cameras for Your Wedding

After eighteen years in the wedding video business, I have picked up a few things that may help you when that big day comes around. We will be looking at all aspects of filming a wedding so dive in...

Shooting a Wedding Video Professional Pointers and Tips

So you are about to shoot your first wedding video, good on you! We have put together the following pointers and tips based on years of experience and knowledge we are sure you will find them really useful...

Quick Start Guide to Your Wedding Video Camera Hire

Our video tutorials on using your hired shoot it yourself wedding video packages. Covering all the equipment provided in our Wedding Video Hire Packages to get you up and running in no time...

Examples of Previous DIY Film it Yourself Weddings

Here are some examples of what can be achieved using our hired wedding video cameras and editing services we will always reflect the style and pace of the days footage in our edit so each video is as unique as your wedding…

Wedding Video Client Testimonials

We strive to deliver the very best value and highest quality equipment finished of with simply mind blowing editing techniques so you are left with a Wedding Video to be proud of see what our clients have to say…

How it all Works Step by Step Your Wedding Videoed

It really is simple to get your wedding Videoed after all we’ve been servicing the DIY wedding video market longer than anyone we know about infact since 2004 so our process is hassle free, fast and the experience is pure wedding Video magic…

Editing Your you Shot it or Filmed it Yourself Wedding Video

If youve decided to simply hire your wedding video equipment from Videoed you’ve made a swell choice and we’re on hand to help you get your footage onto your computer and show you the basics of editing…

Get Videoed Wedding Video Success Stories

Susie and Tim test edit

When you see a bride having as much fun as Susie on her big day with her very proud new husband Tim you cant help but thoroughly enjoy editing this beautiful footage together we loved every minute of it.

Susie and Tims Feedback;

“We absolutley love love love it!”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done!”

Natalie and Tim

Watching a wedding like Natalie and Tims you can see why we love creating wedding videos, with a ceremony in a beautiful church a two minute walk from Natalies family home and a reception in the garden perfect!

Natalie and Tims Feedback;

“Thanks for a great service we will cherish the brilliant edited wedding video you guys produced for us forever”

Oliver and Nicole

Wow the best man did Oliver and Nicole proud here with lots of brilliant footage that made our job super easy in turning out a great edit that really reflects this unique wedding .

Oliver and Nicoles Feedback;

“Blown away and over the moon with all your hard work”

“Let us know where to leave awesome feedback”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Wedding Packages do you offer

When it comes to filming weddings you will find the very best solutions available here so you can hire the equipment only and get on with the editing process creating a wedding video your way or you can choose to film the wedding and have us edit everything you film into a wedding masterpiece or the other package we can offer is the full wedding video production option where upon we will film your wedding and produce your wedding video for you if you need additional services like drone footage or live streaming then its all available for you and can be integrated into your wedding video production seamlessly

Can I Pay a Deposit and Balance Later

Our terms are very flexible you wont get locked down here so you can pay a £20 deposit to confirm and secure your dates, if these change or you wish to cancel anytime up to 24 hours before your booking date you will be refunded any amounts you have paid in full

How is the Price Determined

The packages can be tailored to your needs for weddings most clients have the equipment delivered on the Friday before the wessing and collected the Monday after you can tailor your delivery and collection dates to suit your needs and the pricing will reflect any additional days you may need the equipment for 

Whats the Difference Between the Hire and Hire and Edit Packages

The you shoot it or film it yourself wedding packages include the hire of the wedding video equipment only, if you opt for one of the you film it we edit it packages once we have the equipment returned to us we will transfer and edit the footage for you and deliver a complete wedding film back to you online

Whats the Difference Between HD and 4K Wedding Video Camera Hire Packages

The 4K video cameras offer better quality footage however file sizes are very large if you are looking at editing the footage your self make sure you have a capable PC or Mac the HD video cameras still offer the best available HD footage and have the benefit of smaller file sizes more manageable for self editing and the creation process involved 

Can I Hire for Longer Than 5 Days

You can hire for as long or short a period of time as you may need the pricing is calcualted based on the days you enter for delivery and collection of your wedding video camera hire package

How Quickly is the Wedding Edit Completed

Our wedding production team will get to work on your wedding straight away and most edits are completed and returned to clients within 10 days however during peak periods in the summer around bank holidays this can sometimes be extended to 14 days 

Can I choose any Music for My Wedding Video

If we are editing your wedding footage we will request a list of music to be provided by you for use in your wedding edit this can be done by sending us youtube links to the music you desire so we can be sure to be using the perfect version of any given song we then licence the music for use on your wedding film with a PPL licence

Whats the Best Value Wedding Video Package Available

All our packages offer great value dependant on the elevl of service you need if cost is the main concern then our shoulder mount HD package gets you the very best value vs performace option

How do Videoed Wedding Packages Compare to our Competitors

As a social entrprise you will find our pricing and service pure magic, all our revenues go to purchasing additional equipment and supporting causes that have a positive effect on the world we live in and  not paying investors or driven by profits so by using our services you are helping support the work we do and benfit from the very best price and service available 

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