The impact of the Coronavirus is widespread and Whilst many businesses are struggling during these unprecedented times, it does not seem fair for customers to be charged fees or left thousands of pounds out of pocket for services that providers simply can’t deliver and sadly it has become common place.

The video production industry has been hard hit with many companies unable to provide their core services to clients under current government guidelines with Weddings, Conferences and general filming being halted and with uncertainty as to when cancelled events can resume and if there is a future risk of a recurrence of the restrictions that are currently being lifted its a frustrating time for everyone.

So how do you plan for these uncertain times well it’s important that you select a company that allows you to change or cancel your bookings with as little notice as possible and a bonus if you can get them to hold bookings for you at a small fee as at present no one is sure what the next few months will bring however we imagine an unprecedented demand for services as Conferences, Weddings and Corporate Video production starts to come back on line there will undoubtedly be a higher demand than ever as clients across all sectors look to make up for lost time which will result in Venues, Crew and Equipment being in short supply and no provision to handle the volume of bookings due to demand.


So if you are looking to hire any equipment, production services or venues then insist on a clear cancellation policy we always have offered a simple £20 booking fee with the balance payable the day before any hire or production service and the option to change your dates or cancel without any costs up to 48 hours before the required service.


We are still operating during these testing times and as per Government guidelines we have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients the best we can.


All hired equipment is quarantined for 48 hours upon return, it is then cleaned with antibacterial wipes tested and repackaged ready for the next booking, our technical staff are temperature tested daily and use relevant personal protection equipment adhering to the governments social distancing guidelines, all our office based staff are currently working from home allowing us to continue to provide our rental services without any interruption to the service levels we provide.


Video production is still continuing in line with government guidelines therefore all our production crew wear PPE and adhere to social distancing guidelines carrying out a risk assessment prior to commencement and will advise of any recommendations to enable filming to proceed.


We wish you all the best during these times and look forward to working with you again soon.