Zoom has exploded in the past few months from being a novelty way of communicating to a serious player in the corporate and domestic markets in what was an already saturated market  Zoom was set up by by Eric Yuan, and he should know his way around video conferencing as the former corporate vice president for Cisco Webex.

With a disruptive approach to the current market Eric left Cisco in 2011 with a team of 40 of the best developers he had been working with and rolled out the platform and here we are today in these never before seen times and Zoom has become part of many peoples lives who have never needed to communicate via video conferencing before with my Daughter taking her dance classes via Zoom and joining in Zoom birthday celebrations and CEOs communicating with other board members along with staff working from home having team meeting all made possible using Zoom.

So how can you up your Zoom game well the biggest improvement you can make is by using a separate camera to the one built into your laptop that gives that awkward angle up your nose which is never the best look the main video conferencing platforms Zoom, Skype for business and WebEx all work via your inbuilt camera or an externally connected USB web cam a good quality camera from a reputable brand like Logitech will set you back around £40 and allows you to position the camera for a more flattering angle and overall more professional look.

But hold on did you know you can also connect a professional video camera if you want to demonstrate something do a stand up presentation or actually be filmed during your call all you need to do is use a device like the BlackMagic Web Presenter that you can hire.

the web presenter allows you to switch between two inputs and all the while your computer is just seeing what it thinks is a web cam and happily sending the stream to Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing platforms as well as YouTube live and Facebook.

You simply connect your video camera via HDMI or SDI to the box of tricks and the web presenter downscales the data rates and outputs it via USB that you then connect to your computer or laptop and like magic your computer will see the device as a web cam this gives you lots of opportunities to use multiple cameras professional audio equipment and even slide presentations.

So if you want to make an impression on your next Zoom call its easier than you might think to deliver a professional level of visuals and audio if you need any advice on what you might need then please reach out and good luck on your next out of this world Zoom call.