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Yep it’s how it should be nice and simple… Book your hire start and finish time for the period you actually need to use the equipment and your hire charge will reflect only that period, no more supposedly free delivery and collection days just transparent and clear rental charges.

Check it out and see how much you could save in most cases as much as 50%

As a social enterprise when you hire Video Camera and Accesories your funding valuable work that we provide to the comunity and projects around the globe, Revenues generated are used to fund additional equipment and productions that support good causes not profit margins, you will see these savings in your hire rates so you not only benefit from the best possible hire rates your doing your bit to support the communities and world we live in find out more about what you will be supporting here

What Drone Accessories can you Hire

To get the very most from your Drone Hire package you will find the best available options to get the most from your time with the equipment alongside advanced Video Lenses and Cameras all ready to fit one of our Drones or your own if you just need certain elements including professional controllers, additional batteries, filters, memory, goggles and flight cases are all available for hire 

Drone Battery Hire?
Video cameras have no set life span. However technology does move very rapidly and you will find that people from all walks of life, from wedding photographers through to well known professionals choose to rent as a way of keeping costs down. With video camera rental you will also benefit from using the latest technology too. Remember the way a piece of equipment is used also influences how long the equipment will last. A simple formula to use is to divide the capital price of the camera by the amount of times you imagine you would use it over two years; the chances are you would be better off to always have the latest equipment if you chose video camera hire as opposed to purchasing. Would you like the latest equipment for every shoot? Would the cost of new technology be hard to justify? Is your current equipment not up to the job? Do you feel your current camera is not bringing out the best in you? If the answer to these questions is yes then look at video camera hire as an easy option to achieve the results you deserve

Drone Lens Hire?
Deciding on the best camcorder or video camera to hire is a question we are asked every day and whilst there are many deciding factors on the best equipment for any given job you also need to consider your budget. You can find out more details on the best Video Camera or Camcorder for the following projects by reading the following handy guides we have put together. Guide To Hiring a Video Camera or Camcorder for a Wedding Conference and Corporate Video Camera and Camcorder Hire Guide you can also browse further resources on video and camcorder packages here The complete guide to Video Camera and Camcorder Hire


Drone Controller Hire?
You need to consider the following areas when looking at video camera hire: What will the footage be used for – standard DVD recordings would be fine for a fun day or something to be recorded that would be used for reference, however a wedding would require something more advanced. High Definition or Standard Definition – most new cameras now support HD and the chances are you would look to shoot in HD, the only downside of HD is the associated large file size however with the cost of digital storage becoming more affordable this is no longer such a problem. Tape or Solid State – Camcorders are now capable of recording onto cards or hard drives as opposed to tapes and all the latest models are now Hard Drive or Card based you will find that tape based camcorders or video cameras are older models and we no longer offer these as we have found the latest technology offers superior reliability and higher quality. Size – Size plays an important role. Hand held cameras are small but can become cumbersome and heavy, you will note professional cameramen tend to use shoulder mount cameras as this makes the camera much easier to hold for long periods of time and helps keep the camera stable however as the latest trends in camcorder design demonstrate the cameras are becoming smaller and most new models are had held in size or somewhere in between which has resulted in an explosion of companies making shoulder mount rigs to adapt a hand held camera into a shoulder mount design clearly giving you the best of both worlds in one video camera. There are a number of Video Camera Hire packages available to keep everything simple to achieve the best results given the different types of scenarios you may need to film so take a look at these easy to use video camera hire packages so you can get the best results for filming Weddings, Conferences and many other types of events

Drone Camera Hire
Many hire companies will actually charge your debit or credit card for the deposit be aware that this means the amount is debited from your card with Videoed you will find that this amount is only preauthorised snd therefore not charged to your credit or debit card allowing you to reduce any additional charges from your card provider and keeping you safe in the event that there is an issue with your supplier. Cancelation charges are also charged by many hire providers, so if your date moves or your event is cancelled you may be liable to still pay the hire charge leaving you out of pocket Videoeds unique scheme allows you to cancel your hire at any stage up until midday on the dispatch day without incurring any charges obviously once the video camera equipment has been dispatched we are unable to cancel your hire without incurring charges


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