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Chooosing a Canon Video Camera to Hire

Selected Canon Video Cameras are available to Hire on a weekly bases and you only pay for a one day hire

A full seven days hire for our regular one day hire cost now that s a fantastic deal available on seleted models below

The Canon XA  Range of video cameras available to hire or rent

The Canon XA range you can hire is Canons prosumer range of video cameras and offers professional quality footage and features like XLR audio inputs in a compact size and is designed with the novice in mind

You will find everything simple to use but you also have the option of filming in manual mode if you require specific settings the range starts of with Canon XA10 that films in HD to an internal hard drive and tops out with the very latest XA model the Canon XA55 recording to 4K on SDHC cards

All the Canon XA range comes with a free lightweight tripod 64GB of storage and two batteries so your good to get Videoed

The Canon XF  Range of video cameras available to hire or rent

The Canon XF range is broadcast quality designed for professional videographers and very popular with news gathering, conference and corporate video production crews looking for an all in one solution with a fixed lens and fast workflow

When you need a no nonsense video camera to hire that produces great footage without the need to grade or transcode the Canon XF range will help you speed through the process quickly the latest addition the Canon XF705 is the most popular camera for our conference and corporate crew due to its ease of use, flexible lens, and stunning crisp colourful  footage straight of the card

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The Canon Cinema EOS Range of video cameras available to hire or rent

The Canon Cinema range as the name suggests is a popular choice with film makers looking for that cinematic look and feel to footage the C300MKII is one of the most popular cameras for our high end corporate and agency clients with the flexibility and creativity of using a wide range of lenses to create a unique look

Feature packed robust and reliable you can think of these cameras as paint brushes giving you the capability of producing something truly unique  

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The Canon Video Camera Hire Range

The entire Canon Video Camera range is available to hire or rent giving you a wide choice of the very latest equipment to get your project Videoed

Giving you the very best hire and rental rates anywhere and yes we guarantee it not forgetting you get so much more in your package as standard check it out and see how much you can save in many cases over 50% We will make sure the equipment is delivered before the time you need it and collected after your finish time saving you time, money and frustration

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Canon Video Camera Hire

When you hire a Canon Video Camera from Videoed you get so much more, all included with our compliments.

Each Canon Video Camera you can hire comes with a host of accessories free of cost not only does this save you money it means you get a completly compatable set up with a minimum of two batteries and up to 256GB of storage a free or discounted suitable tripod a video camera top mic and even a set of headphones and top light so your good to go out of the box

Which Canon Video Camera?

Hiring the very best video camera for your project is what we are here to assist with

Whatever your looking to get Videoed Canon has a solution for you so check out the entire range or if you are new to video then why not choose a package tailored to your project using our hand picked Canon Video Cameras most suitable for the job in hand we’ve  taken away the need to understand specifications or Camera capabilities you will find the entire process pure magic 

Full range of Canon Video Cameras available to Hire or Rent

The Canon video camera range is broken down into three distinct ranges firstly Prosumer suitable for novices or semi professionals with limited knowledge or experience of filming giving limited advanced features yet still producing stunning footage easily like the Canon XA10 you can see here.

Then we have the professional range used by experienced video crew and perfect for commercial use in conferences, documentaries and news gathering like the very popular Canon XF705 then theres the Cine range used by film makers and advanced video camera operators looking for stylistic film looks and high end corporate productions and commercials my most popular cine camera is the Canon C200 and we use this camera on the majority of our corporate video productions because of its brilliant workflow its sneaky dual pixel AF system which makes light work of filming stylish shallow depth of field footage and its flexibility of lens options.

Canon Prosumer range of Video Cameras for Hire

The Prosumer range allows you to get Canon quality footage with absolutely no experience and is a great induction fo getting great video on a budget recording to formats like MP4 means your workflow will be simple and you won’t be left having to worry about grading, transcoding or converting anything you have filmed to get your video edited and completed.

You will find the Canon Prosumer range has many models all suited to operators looking for professional results without having to manage the camera continually so a great option for novices or additional camera angles for productions where additional crew is not an option.

The prosumer range all start with the prefix XA and a the range includes the Canon XA10 XA20/25 XA30/35 XA40/45 and XA50/55 one thing to note when your deleting the Canon Video Camera to Hire is any camera with a 5 as the last digit is the same as the model with a 0 as the last digit except the model has the additional benefit of gen lock and an SDI option SDI being used widely in broadcast when you need to feed the camera feed into a vision mixer over a long distance and gen lock allows the frames and time code to sync on multicam shoots so if you don’t need SDI don’t opt for any of the cameras with the 5 as the last digit for example don’t go for a Canon XA25 go for the XA20 which has the same feature set and is just missing the SDI and gen lock.

Hire the Canon professional video camera range

The Canon professional video camera range is designed for commercial video production and is a favourite amongst freelancers, news crews, and corporate video production companies including the video production team at Videoed.

You will find all the range starts with the prefix XF and the video cameras have advanced codecs to allow the very best capture of footage which will then be graded and transcoded to produce the very best results this matched with advanced manual features makes for a very complete option that are all designed in a robust rugged design for day to day to use.

Again you will find the range has the option of standard outputs or the option of SDI and gen lock on the models that end with a 5 as apposed to a 0 do for example the Canon XF105 has gen lock and SDI the Canon XF100 has the same feature set as the XF105 with the exception of SDI and gen lock.

All the Canon models you can hire future dual card slots and multiple recording formats some models like the XF200 and XF205 even have three card slots 2 for MXF recording on CF cards and an additional SDHC card slot to allow you to also record MP4 meaning you can capture the very best quality in MXF yet also have MP4 om tap should you need to turn something out super quick and have your video live in in the quickest possible time.

Canon CINE professional video camera range hire

Lastly the Canon CINE professional video camera range brings the ultimate in creativity and flexibility to experienced film makers with interchangeable lenses and the option to shoot RAW footage (a format that allows more detail to be captured and graded/ profiled when editing) favoured by many producers and directors because of Canons beautiful colour science bringing a depth of colour and pop to subjects being filmed it makes all the the difference bringing what could be a boring corporate communication to life with a warmth and depth only achievable with these advanced video cameras

With the entry level Canon C100 MKII our favourite the Canon C200 the agencies favourite the Canon C300 and film makers weapon of choice the C500 KMKII all available to hire by the hour, day, week or even months so anyone can now afford to get the best tools for any project you need to get Videoed.


So in summary we love the Canon video camera range

For many reason those being the robust build quality the no nonsense workflow and the trusted tech however many will argue that Canon tends to be a little behind the technology curve for instance no 12K offering but you can be certain you will never be left scratching your head when trying and failing to import footage to final cut or premier pro.

Everything just works as it should and you shouldn’t ever struggle having to work out manual settings its all very straightforward and you will also be delighted that once you have mastered even an entry level model like the Canon XA10 you will feel just at home with all the models through to the flagship C500MKII with intuitive menus and easy to follow setup once a canon user its hard to imagine using another brand hire one today and see why


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