Canon XA10 Camcorder Hire and Rental

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Hours Battery Life

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The Canon XA10 is supplied with two batteries which can provide up to 8 hours recording time, You can also use the Video Camera for as long as needed when connected to the charger.

If you need more battery capacity you can add additional batteries below

Hours Record Time

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Recording for up to 8 hours on the provided memory, if you need additional memory you can add it below giving you as much as 4,000 minutes

20 X Zoom 35-200mm

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With a powerfull zoom which is the equivelant in 35MM terms of 30.4mm to 304mm

  • Easy to Use 100% 100%
  • Suitable for a Novice 100% 100%
  • Value for Money 100% 100%


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This Video Camera uses SDHC cards to record to two slots which allows you continue recording as each card becomes full you can replace it with a fresh one whilst still recording to the other as standard we supply 64GB of memory which will give you around 8 hiurs recording in HD

USB Connect

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Transferring the footage from the Video camera once youve completed filming couldnt be any easier simply connect the camera to your PC or Mac and copy the footage over see how easy it is here 

Add these awesome accessories to your video camera at a flat fee no matter how long your hire

Add an LED Toplight


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Add a Rode NTG2


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Add 256GB Memory


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Add Wireless Lapel Mic


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Upgrade Full Fluid Tripod


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Additional Battery


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Canon XA10 Hire Overview

The Canon XA10 is available for hire and rental and as small camcorders and video cameras have always been popular with clients looking for lightweight and inconspicuous ways to capture video they have proven very popular especially with clients looking to film school events, and live performances when the operators have limited experiance but want to get great results

You will notice when you first see the Canon XA10 that its size is dominated by the two XLR inputs for audio on the top of the camcorder which hints at the professional features that have been packed into this prosumer camcorder including a 1/3 HD CMOS sensor allowing you to capture pure 1920×1080 HD footage

With an inbuilt hard drive and support for two SDHC cards you will have no worries about running out of storage just set the Video Camera to auto allowing you to get the best footage with no prior experience so if your new to filming then this video camera is a great choice and is often used by seasoned videographers when they need additional video cameras to record additional angles without being manned

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The autofocus system employed uses face recognition and works well you can choose a face on the viewfinder and the camera will try and track that face using the clever autofocus system the only gripe here would be that the viewfinder is a little small however a bigger viewfinder would result in a bigger camcorder so a good compromise has been found the only other point we would note on the camcorder is the external mount for a microphone is set very close to the front of the Canon XA10 and if your using a long mic you will notice the microphone creeping into your shot and the use of a small external mic is needed especially for wide shots.

Fitted with a fixed 10x zoom lens the Canon XA10 produces very sharp results and works extremely well in low light conditions thanks to the clever sensor this camcorder uses. In summary hire or rent the Canon XA10  if you need a small camcorder that packs some pro features and is a breeze to use yet the resulting footage in a novices hands will be surprisingly effective.

Everything you need to know about hiring

the Canon XA10

Featuring a Canon HD Lens, 1/3 Type HD CMOS Pro Sensor, Professional XLR Audio, Ample Memory, Full Auto or Full Manual Operation, Nightvision Infrared Recording and Optical and Powered Image Stabilisation

All the pro features made simple to use in an awesome package designed with a novice in mind but just as at home in the hands of experienced film crew if you need specific features then everything you could possibly need to know is detailed below

Whats Included

Everything you need to get Videoed see what’s included with you hired Canon XA10

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Canon XA10

Peli Flight Case

DC Coupler/ Charger

2 x High Capacity Batteries

64GB SDHC Card

Lightweight Tripod

USB Cable

What's The XA10 Good At

Perfect for novices and pros alike see what the Canon Xa10 is perfect for.

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Feature packed with pro options yet simple to use giving the user the flexibility to film in full auto mode or switch to manual for advanced features, this Video Camera is perfect for filming school and live events, weddings and conferences it can be left to do its thing as a main camera and connected to any audio system being used with its in built XLR block or straight to wireless lapel mics or a top mic on the camera for perfect clear audio alternatively its the perfect additional camera for multiple camera set ups for experienced film crew see the video for some examples of footage

Full Specification

Need the techinical stuff it’s all here if you need it. If you need help just reach out

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1/3 type HD CMOS Pro




Bayer pattern filter


Total pixels per sensor


2.37 megapixels


Effective pixels per sensor


2.07 megapixels


Minimum illumination


Auto: 1.3 lux (with Auto Slow Shutter)
Slow Shutter: 0.1 lux


Horizontal Resolution


900 TV lines or more (1920 x 1080i mode)


Zoom ratio




Focal length


4.25 – 42.5mm (35mm equivalent: 30.4 – 304mm)


Minimum focus distance


60cm (throughout zoom range);
20mm (wide angle)


ND filter


Built-in gradation filter (Auto or Off)


Zoom control


Slider or Handle;
Selectable Shockless Zoom mode


Zoom speed


Zoom Slider:
Variable speed/Fixed speed (Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings available in each mode);
Handle zoom:
Fixed speed (Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings available in each mode)


Focus control


MANUAL: Lens ring, Touchscreen LCD (touch Focus, Touch and Track), Focus Preset
AUTO: Face Priority AF / Face Only AF / Instant AF / Medium AF / TV AF


Iris control


MANUAL: Custom dial control; Touchscreen control


Aperture range


f1.8 – f8


Filter diameter




Lens elements/groups




Aperture blades




Image stabilization system


Optical lens shift system (angle & vector movement detection);
3 modes: Dynamic, Standard, Powered


Digital zoom









Video storage media


64GB built-in flash memory;
SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card (2 card slots);
Double slot (simultaneous) recording and Relay (continuous) recording possible.¹




Class 4 or higher SDHC card required for 1920×1080 recording


Recording time


64GB internal memory or SDXC card:
5hrs 55mins (MXP mode, max. quality)¹
24hrs 30mins (LP mode, lowest quality)¹


Recording file format


AVCHD high profile (MPEG4-AVC/H.264)


Recording format


AVCHD (all modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling)
MXP: 1920×1080, 24Mbps;
FXP: 1920×1080, 17Mbps;
XP+: 1440×1080, 12Mbps;
SP: 1440×1080, 7Mbps;
LP: 1440×1080, 5Mbps


Recording frame rate


1920 x 1080/50i;
1920 x 1080/25p (50i recorded stream)


Slow/Fast motion




Interval Record




Frame Record




Pre Record (cache record)


YES (3 seconds)


Scan Reverse


YES. Up/down, left/right, up/down/left/right image inversion.


HD->SD conversion


YES (during playback)


Internal Data Transfer


MOVIE & STILLS: Yes (internal memory to card, card to card)


Photo storage media


SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card


Still quality


During video recording or playback: 1920 x 1080





8.8cm (3.5″), 100% view






Image quality adjustments


Brightness, backlight




YES (270 degree rotation about horizontal axis)


Waveform Monitor




Focus Assist


Peaking; Magnifying; Edge Monitor (using waveform display)








YES (70% or 100% reference level)




ON/OFF (Grid, Horizontal, Centre)




0.61cm (0.24″), 100% view






Correction lens


+ 2.0 to -5.5 diopter


Audio in


XLR inputs with 48V phantom power (x2), 3.5mm microphone input jack


Headphone output


3.5mm stereo jack


Video monitor output






YES (HDMITM Mini Connector: v1.3, out only, 1080/50p output possible)


IEEE 1394 (Firewire)






YES (Mini-B, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed)


HD/SD-SDI output




Time code








Component out


YES (output only)


AV terminal


3.5mm mini jack (output only for video and audio)


DC input




Remote Control Terminal


2.5mm mini jack


Colour Bars




Tally lamp




Accessory shoe


YES (cold shoe)


Custom key


YES (2 assignable buttons; select from 9 functions)


Custom Dial


YES (Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Manual Exposure, exposure compensation, AGC limit)



Exposure metering


Centre-weighted average or segment evaluative (determined by shooting mode)


Exposure compensation


-2 to +2 EV (13 steps)


Auto Exposure mode


Smart Auto, Face Detection AE;
Manual control via Touch Exposure and Exposure Compensation functions


Push Auto Iris




Exposure Lock




Auto Gain Control setting


Full Auto / AGC On / Manual


Auto Gain Control limit


0 to 24dB, 1dB increments (0 to 18dB in Cinema Mode)


Gain setting


0 to 24dB, 1dB increments


Control Modes


Full Auto / Manual control (touchscreen LCD or control dial)


Shutter speed


1/6 to 1/2000 (depending on Scene Mode and frame rate)


Slow Shutter (SLS)


1/2 to 1/500 (Low Light Scene Mode)


Clear Scan




Infrared shooting mode


YES (green or white)


Built-in IR lamp




OIS Axis Shift




Focal Length Guide




Smart AUTO


YES (38 scenes)


Program AE


M mode: P, Tv, Av, M (manual exposure), SCN (Portrait, Sports, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Night, Low Light, Spotlight, Fireworks);
Cinema mode: P, Tv, Av, M


Cinema Features


Cinema-Look Filter (9 options, including customisable ‘Cinema Standard’), Story Creator, Touch Decoration


Image Effects


Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Colour Depth








Set 1, Set 2, Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten (incandescent lamps and halogen bulbs), Fluorescent H (3-wavelength type fluorescent), Fluorescent (white fluorescent)), Colour Temperature


Countup system




Start value setting






Dolby Digital 2ch (AC-3 2ch), 48kHz sampling




Audio limiter, Auto/manual settings via control dials on handle


Microphone attenuation




Microphone level meter




Zoom Microphone


YES (customisable frequency response and directivity)





Lens hood; WL-D89 Wireless Controller; CA-570 Compact Power Adapter; BP-808 Battery Pack; Stereo Video Cable and Interface Cable set; Component Cable CTC-100/S; Stylus pen; PIXELA Transfer Utility software disc.




Wide Converter WD-H58W, Teleconverter TL-H58, 58mm lens filters, Batteries BP-819/BP-820/BP-827/BP-828, Battery Charger CG-800, Wideo Light VL Li II, Remote Control ZR-2000, Component Cable CTC-100, HDMI cable HTC-100, Wireless Microphone WM-V1.


Backup power supply


Lithium coin battery (built-in)


Power Consumption




Continuous Recording Time


Supplied BP-808: Approx. 110 minutes
Optional BP-827: Approx. 345 minutes





Approx 130 x 177 x 205mm (including lens hood and microphone holder)


Detachable handle




Weight (camera only)




Weight (fully equipped)




Operating Temperature range


-5ºC to +45ºC, 60% relative humidity

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