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Only Pay for your Video Drone Hire Equipment when you need it

Yep it’s how it should be nice and simple… Book your hire start and finish time for the period you actually need to use the equipment and your hire charge will reflect only that period, no more supposedly free delivery and collection days just transparent and clear rental charges.

Check it out and see how much you could save in most cases as much as 50%

As a social enterprise when you hire Video Camera and Accesories your funding valuable work that we provide to the comunity and projects around the globe, Revenues generated are used to fund additional equipment and productions that support good causes not profit margins, you will see these savings in your hire rates so you not only benefit from the best possible hire rates your doing your bit to support the communities and world we live in find out more about what you will be supporting here

Video Drone hire for everyone


As a freelancer who needs to hire latest video camera equipment video offer many umique services to Sure you and help make your product success from an additional video to a multicam setup or even staff assist you to get your video product.

Agency/ Production

Our unique offering to agencies gives you access to not only our entire hire fleet but our vast in house skill set including producers, presenters, film crew, editing and content creation facilities saving you time and resources.


If your business is in need of video camera equipment to hire then we keep everything simple to so you can focus on creating the video you need along with support every step of the way. What you waiting for get Videoed today for the very best experiance.


All our services are available to private individuals so whether you need to hire equipment to video a wedding, school performance or something a little of track \ then we will have a video camera package to help no matter the size.

Video Drone Hire or Full Production
Video Drone Hire solutions for everyone Catering for the Film Industry, Video Production Companies, Freelancers and Individuals you will find the complete range of Drone equipment available to hire with support tailored to your needs whether your filming a documentary for National Geographic a commercial for Maserati or Real Estate

Should I Rent or Buy?
Drone cameras have no set life span. However technology does move very rapidly and you will find that people from all walks of life, from wedding photographers through to well known professionals choose to rent as a way of keeping costs down. With video drone camera rental you will also benefit from using the latest technology too. Remember the way a piece of equipment is used also influences how long the equipment will last. A simple formula to use is to divide the capital price of the camera by the amount of times you imagine you would use it over two years; the chances are you would be better off to always have the latest equipment if you chose video camera hire as opposed to purchasing. Would you like the latest equipment for every shoot? Would the cost of new technology be hard to justify? Is your current equipment not up to the job? Do you feel your current camera is not bringing out the best in you? If the answer to these questions is yes then look at drone video camera hire as an easy option to achieve the results you deserve

Whats the Best Video Drone To Hire?
Deciding on the best Drone to hire is a question we are asked every day and whilst there are many deciding factors on the best equipment for any given job you also need to consider your budget. You can hire easy to use drones such as the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro for easy to use solutions that deliver incredible footage or if you need advanced results then the inspire range is available with a choice of lenses and advanced features for advanced film makers or if you need to fly your own camera equipment then the Matrice Drone is available to get aerial footage from even the most advanced video cameras you can also select to take advantage of experienced crew if you would rather just get the footage you need we also offer live aerial streaming options so whatever you need to get videoed with a drone you will find a solution and it’s super easy to get the job done 


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