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The very best available accessories to support your video production we’ve covered all areas and offer you the best performing equipment in each category from Lighting to Audio, Grip to Editing kit it’s all here and ready to be delivered direct to you when you need it with rates that wont leave your finances in a tangle.

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As a freelancer who needs to hire latest video camera equipment video offer many umique services to Sure you and help make your product success from an additional video to a multicam setup or even staff assist you to get your video product.

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Our unique offering to agencies gives you access to not only our entire hire fleet but our vast in house skill set including producers, presenters, film crew, editing and content creation facilities saving you time and resources.


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All our services are available to private individuals so whether you need to hire equipment to video a wedding, school performance or something a little of track then we will have a video camera package to help no matter the size.

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Video Camera Hire Success Stories

When Virgin Media needed to source multiple cameras to cover the Virgin Media roadshows we were delighted to provide several Sony FS5Ks.

Delighted with the service we have been supporting Virgin Media with dozens of hires per year over the past four years.

“Video Cameras have been fantastic easy delivery and collection with superb customer service”

Greig Middlemiss

Design Consultant, Virgin Media

Bayer Media has an influential brand network including major publications and online platforms covering all areas of media.

We have worked with Bauer Media since  2014 providing a vast range of Video Camera and accessories hire to support their internal video production team.

“Top notch as always”


Jake Kindred

Videographer, Bauer Media

October Films is an award-winning, innovative television production company and one of the fastest-growing and truly independent production companies in the UK

We are proud to have supported them on many of their productions with not only video camera hire for productions like “walking the Himalayers” on Channel 4  but also with drone and mac hire solutions.

“Thank You”

Martin Long

Producer, October Films

Choosing the every best Accessories for your Video Production is as important as the Video Camera that you choose the key areas that you need to cover are Support for your Video Camera in the form of a Tripod or Stabiliser, Audio as nothing lets a great video down more than sub standard audio, Lighting really does make an immense difference to the quality of the footage, Memory to ensure nothing stops you filming for as long as you may need, Then we have a host of products designed to assist with your project like Teleprompters and Autocue systems to make life easy for the subjects you are filming and advanced production solutions so you can easily Live Stream or Live Mix the footage along with Monitors and Recorders or even out of the box easy to use Chroma Screen solutions

First to consider is the ever important Tripod, Sticks, or Legs as they are often referred there are several considerations if you just need to lock your video camera of then any tripod will work for you including the free ones in some of our packages if you need to do creative pan and tilt shots then a fluid tripod will keep everything silky smooth the only real consideration is making sure the Tripod is designed to carry the weight of the Video Camera you will be mounting if you need something more specialist then we have a range of advanced tripods that offer Lanc Controllers or extra high reach up to 3 meters in height along with ultra light weight Carbon Fibre Tripods or ultra compact tripods perfect to pack in your hand luggage if you need to fly with your kit

Audio capture is vital in bringing out the very best in your video production for corporate and general video production capturing spoken word there is two main options Boom Mics, Stick Mics or Directional Mics like the Rode NTG range and Lapel Mics like the Sennheiser ENG range Boom Mics are a great option when you don’t have the time to wire up the subject with Lapel Mics and a camera top mounted Boom Mic is always a great option even when using Lapel Mics as a back up in case of interference, accidental brushing, or scratching of the Lapel Mic our prefferd method would always be a Lapel Mic and a backup Boom Mic when a dedicated sound engineer is not an option you will also find seperate audio recorders like the Zoom range these allow you to record directly on the recorder or connected to microphones via XLR or 3.5 jacks

Lighting your subject and the surrounding environment adds so much depth, detail and polish to your video style and is a great way to create the mood that your video subject requires and visually it is one of the most important factor that you can easily control and believe us it is the one area not to be scrimped on so with a choice of lighting you will find die hard traditional soft diffused lighting like the Star Light, hard lights like the go to Dedo three head kit alongside the latest developments in LED lighting like the Astra LED Panels or the flexible and easily portable roll up LED mat lights like the Falcon Eyes perfect for the videographer that needs to carry everything with him or her in fact we love them so much we would highly recommend you give them a go if you need a highly portable lighting solution you wont be dissapointed you might even be converted 

Memory and Storage are key considerations for your film project no matter the size as you simply cant afford to be stuck without any storage space to record that would be a disaster so make sure you have enough for the format you will be recording in as the cost of memory has fallen dramatically recently the requirements for memory on the other hand have grown with 6K 8K and raw or high frame per second filming now more common all of which are memory hungry so you can hire pretty much all general camera memory from inexpensive SDHC cards through to Cfast cards and manufacturers specific cards from Sony Red and Arri you will also find external SSDs and storage to allow you to copy and or backup your footage quickly and more importantly securely


Monitors offer a great solution for producers, directors and the crew to view the action as it happens and makes focus pulling and exposure settings easier for the camera operators like the popular Small HD range or with many of the monitors available now they can even record internally like the Atomos range which gives you more flexible options and a dual purpose solution to monitoring and recording using SSDs or SDHC cards like used by the Blackmagic Video Assist and if you have a need to send the signal long distances then make sure you opt for a monitor that can support SDI as HDMI cables can be very sensitive and the signals generally do not travel very well anything over 15 meters even on the best quality cables

Teleprompters and Autocues are invaluable in helping talent deliver and remember lines or for use as prompts when delivering scripts, news, training or all manor of content directly down the video camera lens so we offer a range of sizes suitable for talking head style deliveries like this 7″ Autocue or larger screen sizes like this 17″ Teleprompter for further viewing the main consideration when choosing an Autocue or Teleprompter is the screen size to big and you will see your talents eyes reading across the screen or it the screen size is to small and you need a large distance between the subject and the reader you will need a bigger screen or your subject simply wont be able to read the words


Backdrops come in a range of sizes to cover all sorts of uses from corporate Video Backdrops in regular Black, White and Grey to Chroma Key or Green Screen backdrops so we offer pop up backdrops for small filming requirements like talking heads style interviews these save valuable time in set up and fold down easily for transportation or you can opt for full size Backdrops with full size stands up to eight foot tall and twelve foot wide we recommend and only supply elasticated fabric as these can be stretched in place once the backdrop is put together and therefore dont show unsightly creases and are easier to ship than backdrop rolls which are very restrictive and costly to ship and highly susceptible to creases and damage 

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