The Latest Video Lenses available to Hire or Rent

Video Lens Hire

“The latest Video Lenses for hire and rental”

Canon L Series EF Mount Lense Hire

  • Canon 85mm 1.4L

    From: £25.00
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    Canon 85mm 1.4L

    From: £25.00
  • Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS hire

    From: £35.00
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    Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS hire

    From: £35.00
  • Canon 50mm f1.2 L hire

    From: £25.00
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    Canon 50mm f1.2 L hire

    From: £25.00
  • Canon 35mm f1.4 L hire

    From: £25.00
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    Canon 35mm f1.4 L hire

    From: £25.00
  • Canon EF 24-105 f4 L IS Hire

    From: £25.00
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    Canon EF 24-105 f4 L IS Hire

    From: £25.00
  • Canon EF 24-70 f2.8 L hire

    From: £35.00
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    Canon EF 24-70 f2.8 L hire

    From: £35.00
  • Canon EF 16-35 f4 L IS Hire

    From: £20.00
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    Canon EF 16-35 f4 L IS Hire

    From: £20.00

Canon Cine CN-E EF Mount Lense Hire

PL Cinema Leica Lens Hire

Leica Cine Summicron-C T2.0 Lens Set (6 Lenses) with Case

Available from £2,000 per week for a fixed price please provide the details below

12 + 13 =

PL Cinema Cooke Lens Hire

Cooke mini S4i Cine Lens Set (6 Lenses) with Case

Available from £1,600 per week for a fixed price please provide the details below

7 + 1 =

Only Pay for your Video Lens Hire Equipment when you need it

Yep it’s how it should be nice and simple… Book your hire start and finish time for the period you actually need to use the equipment and your hire charge will reflect only that period, no more supposedly free delivery and collection days just transparent and clear rental charges.

Check it out and see how much you could save in most cases as much as 50%

As a social enterprise when you hire Video Camera and Accesories your funding valuable work that we provide to the comunity and projects around the globe, Revenues generated are used to fund additional equipment and productions that support good causes not profit margins, you will see these savings in your hire rates so you not only benefit from the best possible hire rates your doing your bit to support the communities and world we live in find out more about what you will be supporting here

The Video Lens Hire Range

The entire Canon Video Lens range is available to hire or rent giving you a wide choice of the very latest equipment to get your project completed with Videoed

Giving you the very best hire and rental rates anywhere and yes we guarantee it not forgetting you get so much more in your package as standard check it out and see how much you can save in many cases over 50% We will make sure the equipment is delivered before the time you need it and collected after your finish time saving you time, money and frustration

Which Video Lens?

Hiring the very best video Lens for your project is what we are here to assist with

Lenses are like paintbrushes they give a unique look and feel to whatever project you are looking to get Videoed from the latest Canon CN-E range to Ultra Primes or traditional L series Canon Lenses and creative lenses like the cost effective Sigma art you will find the right glass for your project 

Video Lens Hire Guide
With the many different lenses available from macro to super telephoto and the vast range of applications, you may find that like most photographers you are in a situation which calls for a specific lens to get the best from a project or job you are working on. Or you may require the equipment for a holiday, sporting event or celebration. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the purchase price or you find it hard to justify the cost versus the amount of time you will use it, then lens hire makes perfect sense. There are many areas to consider when deciding upon the correct equipment. So we have put together this lens rental guide to give you some guidance, advice and tips to ensure you have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision and get the correct tools for the job at hand 

Should I Rent or Buy?
Lenses have an inherent long life expectancy unlike camera bodies which are constantly being updated and changed. The benefit here is that because the lenses have a higher residual value and are current for a considerably longer period of time, the rental costs are markedly lower than that of an equivalent priced camera body. Lens Rental also offers the flexibility of taking advantage of expensive lenses that one could not possibly justify for use a dozen times a year. The majority of people that hire lenses will tailor their equipment dependant on their current brief or requirements. However if the majority of shoots you work on are in a studio environment then the purchase of a lens will always be the best option as one lens can cover the scope of work you require. If however you work on varied projects then lens rental really is unbeatable in the range of choice and inherent cost savings associated. One lens does not cover/offer me the flexibility I need?? I can’t cover the price of a lens for one project?? My current lens does not offer the quality I need??Do you feel your current camera is not bringing out the best in you? Answered yes to the above? Then lens hire really is a cost effective solution to helping you get better results. Whats the Best Lens to Hire The best lens depends on the type of project, however there are two main factors to take into account with your lens rental. The focal length and the F stop, so lets take a quick look at focal length. This is described in MM with a wide angle lens (for landscapes etc) starting at around 14mm, through to 600 and 800mm lenses, which are super telephoto and used for wildlife photography or applications where you need to zoom in on the action. You will also need to take into account the F stop. For example a lens with an F stop of 1 will let lots of light into the lens, hence the lower the F stop the quicker the camera can take a picture. You will also notice that the lower the F stop the lower the depth of field. Whilst a higher F stop (for example an F5) will be have a slower shutter speed whilst taking the same picture and offer a deeper depth of field which is explained in more detail below. So in most cases the lower the F stop number the better performance and more expensive the lens generally is.Video cameras have no set life span. However technology does move very rapidly and you will find that people from all walks of life, from wedding photographers through to well known professionals choose to rent as a way of keeping costs down.

Thigs to Consider when Hiring a Video Lens

Prime lenses – Prime lenses have a fixed focal length and range in size from 14mm all the way to 800mm. Primes offer the best quality over and above telephoto lenses and generally have a lower F stop, however they sometimes lack flexibility as there is no adjustment or zoom function. Telephoto lenses – Flexibility is the key here, offering a range of focal lengths. For instance 70-200mm in one lens which can be zoomed in and out allowing the user freedom to frame shots without having to move to best capture a picture. Good quality telephoto lenses will have an F stop not much greater than the prime equivalent so you will not be sacrificing to much speed and is a small sacrifice to have the added feature of zoom. Macro lenses – There are ever increasing ranges of macro lenses available with some of the latest lenses giving an almost microscope look to pictures. These can produce fantastic results when used in nature horticulture, or even to show the quality of diamonds.

Video Lens Hire Jargon Explained
IS – Stands for image stabilization. This is a feature used to optically stabilize the image and help reduce shake and blur. EF – Is the type of Canon mount that the lens has. These are designed to work on all current and many older Canon DSLR camera bodies. L – Any L series lens from Canon will have a red ring around the circumference. This is a statement from Canon that the Lens is of superior quality and guarantees a superior engineered lens. F – The F stop of a lens dictates the amount of light that will enter the lens. The lower the F stop the more light enters the lens and the larger the diameter of the lens. This results in the lowest depth of field. The higher the F stop the less light enters and the smaller the diameter of the lens resulting in a greater depth of field.

Video Lens Hire Success Stories

When Virgin Media needed to source multiple cameras to cover the Virgin Media roadshows we were delighted to provide several Sony FS5Ks.

Delighted with the service we have been supporting Virgin Media with dozens of hires per year over the past four years.

“Video Cameras have been fantastic easy delivery and collection with superb customer service”

Greig Middlemiss

Design Consultant, Virgin Media

Bayer Media has an influential brand network including major publications and online platforms covering all areas of media.

We have worked with Bauer Media since  2014 providing a vast range of Video Camera and accessories hire to support their internal video production team.

“Top notch as always”


Jake Kindred

Videographer, Bauer Media

October Films is an award-winning, innovative television production company and one of the fastest-growing and truly independent production companies in the UK

We are proud to have supported them on many of their productions with not only video camera hire for productions like “walking the Himalayers” on Channel 4  but also with drone and mac hire solutions.

“Thank You”

Martin Long

Producer, October Films

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