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Which Sony Video Camera to Hire

The Sony hand held range of video cameras available to hire

The sony range of hand held video cameras are all simple to use yet pack professional features and really are childs play to get your projects videoed 

Everything you need is included to get you up and running and we are on hand every step of the way to help in any way we can so you get the most out of your hired Sony video camera

You will get a minimum of 64GB of memory and each video camera comes with two batteries a charger and a free lightweight tripod

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The Sony Professional Fixed Lens range of video cameras available to hire

sony fixed lens video camera hire

The professional range of fixed lens video cameras that you can hire are designed for perfect results without any fuss benefitting from manual rings for zoom iris and focus and manual switches for most settings gives the user the ability to adapt the filming style as and when needed

You will get a minimum of 64GB of memory and each video camera comes with two batteries a charger and a DC coupler

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The Sony Professional Interchangeable Lens range of video cameras available to hire

When you need to get creative these video cameras from sony that you can hire or rent all feature the ability to change the supplied stock lens giving you limitless opportunities to tailor the footage you need to get videoed

The other side of the coin is that you can also stick with the standard setup for corporate or conference filming yet get creative when you need to with a range of frame rates and recording formats giving you the best of both worlds

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The Sony Video Camera Hire Range

The Choose from the very latest Sony Video Cameras to hire along with some old time favourites making it easier to get your project Videoed

Giving you the very best hire and rental rates anywhere and yes we guarantee it not forgetting you get so much more in your package as standard check it out and see how much you can save in many cases over 50% We will make sure the equipment is delivered before the time you need it and collected after your finish time saving you time, money and frustration

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Sony Video Camera Hire

When you hire a Sony Video Camera from Videoed you get so much more, all included with our compliments.

Each Sony Video Camera you can hire comes with a host of accessories free of cost not only does this save you money it means you get a completly compatable set up with a minimum of two batteries and up to 256GB of storage a free or discounted suitable tripod a video camera top mic and even a set of headphones and top light so your good to go out of the box

Which Sony Video Camera?

Hiring the very best video camera for your project is what we are here to assist with

Whatever your looking to get Videoed Sony has a solution for you so check out the entire range or if you are new to video then why not choose a package tailored to your project using our hand picked Sony Video Cameras most suitable for the job in hand we’ve  taken away the need to understand specifications or Camera capabilities you will find the entire process pure magic

Sony Video Formats whats best for you?

Discover the best Sony Video Camera for your project our support is available to novices and seasoned film makers

Choosing the best Video Camera to Hire may depend on the formats that a model can record in to make it easier for you to select a model you can find a chart of all the recording formats available by following the link below

Sony entered the video camera market in 1981 with the Sony HVC F1 and quickly followed up with the first Beta Movie camera in 1983 that incorporated an internal recording deck in 1989 we saw the very first of the Handycam range that’s still going strong today and in 1995 we saw the first of the DV video cameras recording to DV tapes with the introduction of HD Sony launched the FX1 recording to HDV tapes in 2004 and soon to follow was the Sony Z1 a camera that an entire generation would use and love and was probably the most popular video camera for professionals to cut their teeth on many of todays Sonys models still have the same layout of controls and menu functions giving credit to the great design and tactical layout then along came Sonys first 4K consumer video camera the FDR AX1 which was launched in 2013 

Sony offer the widest range of video cameras that you can hire from the faithful Sony HXR MC50 which was way ahead of its time and offers great value if you only need to film HD on a budget and have numerous models covering all manor of projects up to the Sony Venice motion picture camera system defined into five main categories starting with the Handycam range featuring models like the Sony AX33 followed by the Professional Handycam, the Professional range which is extremely popular featuring the much requested Sony PXW FS5 then we have the Broadcast range designed well youve guessed it for broadcast applications like Sports and Live TV our fleet of Sony PXW Z450 are very rarely in our stock room they are proving to be the new 4K solution for outside broadcast crews and lastly we have the Digital Cinema Cameras range for film like productions

The Sony Handycam range packs great quality into a small footprint with features that produce outstanding quality like the 4K footage you can obtain using the Sony AX33 and if you dont need to connect external microphones or record in special formats and just want great quality in a very ease to use camcorder then you cant go wrong here recording in easy to use formats like MP4 keeps every thing nice and simple with fully automatic settings you cant put a foot wrong

The Sony Handycam Professional models available to hire like the Sony AX1 4K feature all the features you would find on the professional range and in fact look like nothing else in the Handycam range for all intents and purposes it really is professional video camera with XLR audio inputs and full manual controls via hard buttons a feature only reall found in pro cameras so you could say its the bridge between the Handycam and Sony Professional range we would say its a fully featured professional camcorder and as antry level pro video camera its a great place to start if you want to start your filmingh on auto and progress to manual settings as you gain experience safe in the knowledge you can always full back on to full auto if you feel a little out of depth


The Sony Professional range makes up the bulk of our Sony Video Camera Hire fleet and as the workhorses of the video production industry it’s easy to see why they are favoured by many agencies, production houses, corporate video producers and broadcast companies with both fixed and interchangeable lenses like the FS5, FS7 and now the FX9 range known for their design style associated with a chainsaw they are powerful video tools they really are at home in a studio, making an independant production or producing high end corporate and commercial work all the pro features you would expect are all present and correct including SDI, Gen Lock, XLR audio and advanced codecs to suit your specific requirements when hiring video kit its notable considering the choice of equipment available to our inhouse production team they choose to run several Sony FS7k for corporate and conference work coupled to Canon L series and CN-E lenses giving great flexibility and different looks all from the same video camera body making them capable of covering most requirements or changing briefs whilst in the field 

The available range of Sony Broadcast Hire Video Cameras and Camcorders offer flexible codecs and industry standard shoulder mount design with the entry level Sony PXW X320 offering full HD recording XAVC and HD 422 at a palatable price point or the new hot cookie the Sony PXW Z450 producing 4K footage from a 2/3″ sensor and industry leading network features for live broadcast making this shoulder mount camcorder the simple choice to hire for live sporting and music productions and the client base hiring this model reflect its the choice of weapon for the leading live production companies inernationally looking for the very best available solution

Lastly the Digital Cinema Camera models available include the PMW F5 a super 35mm CMOS sensor outputting Raw 2 and 4K 16bit files the F55 and the flagship of the range the Venice with a maximum resolution of 6048×4032 for classic 36x24mm cinematic ratios so capable of full width 6K at 36mm or super 35 anamorphic 4K and a world first in the shape of an 8-step mechanical in-built set of ND filters the low light performance on the footage we have seen so far is incredible and one of the first films to be entirely shot on the Venice was Top Gun Maverick with the cameras small form factor allowing 6 cameras to be used in the tiny F14s cockpit proving what a game changer the Venice really is available now with numerous expansion units so you can build your package to get the most from this versatile cinematic camera

If you’ve read this far then its pretty clear we absolutely love the Sony video camera range like the Canon range all Sony Video Cameras are built well deliver what they promise and have the very best reputation for reliability with proven results you will also find support for anyone looking to produce great video from proud parents filming a christening, a best man filming a wedding or a seasoned production crew shooting a new commercial not forgetting an epic film featuring F14 fighter planes Sony and Videoed have you covered with the perfect video camera or camcorder to hire whatever your budget or skill set and with Sonys proven easy to use codecs turning what you’ve filmed into a finished production will be simple with no hidden bugs or dramas to overcome in the workflow in our experience your in safe hands hiring Sony Video Camera equipment its a safe bet however high you set you the bar

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We are absolutely delighted with the end result of our wedding video and everybody had a ball using the video cameras you supplied, we've recommended you to our friends who are getting married next month.

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