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Hours Battery Life

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The Sony HDR NX70  is supplied with two batteries which can provide up to 8 hours recording time, You can also use the Video Camera for as long as needed when connected to the charger.

If you need more battery capacity you can add additional batteries below

Hours Record Time

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Recording for up to 8 hours on the provided memory in HD, if you need additional memory you can add it below giving you as much as 2,000 minutes

20 X Zoom 35-200mm

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With a powerfull zoom which is the equivelant in 35MM terms of 30.4mm to 304mm
  • Easy to Use 100% 100%
  • Suitable for a Novice 100% 100%
  • Value for Money 100% 100%


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This Video Camera uses SDHC cards to record to two slots which allows you continue recording as each card becomes full you can replace it with a fresh one whilst still recording to the other as standard we supply 64GB of memory which will give you around 8 hiurs recording in HD

USB Connect

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Transferring the footage from the Video camera once youve completed filming couldnt be any easier simply connect the camera to your PC or Mac and copy the footage over see how easy it is here
Add these awesome accessories to your video camera at a flat fee no matter how long your hire

Add an LED Toplight


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Add a Rode NTG2


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Add 256GB Memory


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Add Wireless Lapel Mic


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Upgrade Full Fluid Tripod


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Additional Battery


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Sony HDR NX70 Hire Overview

This Sony has been designed for hostile environments to be used in the rain and in dusty or sandy situations that would normally have a seriously detrimental effect on lesser camcorders.

Shooting in HD and sporting an internal hard drive and SDHC card slots for additional storage of your  video footage, its a perfect second camera on documentaries when your normal camera 

Learn More about the Sony HXR NX90



Everything you need to know about hiring

the Sony HDR NX70

All the pro features made simple to use in an awesome package designed with a novice in mind but just as at home in the hands of experienced film crew if you need specific features then everything you could possibly need to know is detailed below

Whats Included

Everything you need to get Videoed see what’s included with you hired Sony HXR NX70

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Canon HXR NX70

Peli Flight Case

DC Coupler/ Charger

2 x High Capacity Batteries

64GB SDHC Card

USB Cable

Full Specification

Need the techinical stuff it’s all here if you need it if you need help just reach out

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Image Sensor
Full Frame CMOS sensor
RGB primary colour filter (Bayer array)
Sensor Modes
Full Frame / Super 35 mm (Crop) / Super 16 mm (Crop)
Total Pixels
Approx. 20.8 megapixels (6062 x 3432)
Effective Pixels (Full Frame Mode)
Approx. 18.69 megapixels (5952 x 3140): 5952 x 3140 or 4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080 selected resolution
Approx. 17.52 megapixels (5580 x 3140): 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 selected resolution
Effective Sensor Screen Size
38.1 x 20.1 mm (43.1 mm on the diagonal): 5952 x 3140, 4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080 selected resolution
35.7 x 20.1 mm (41.0 mm on the diagonal): W 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 selected resolution
Dynamic Range
Canon Log 2: 1600% / 15+ stops
Canon Log 3: 1600% / 14 stops
Wide DR: 800% (at ISO 400)
Image Processor
Lens Mount
Canon EF Mount. B4 mount lens via adapter accessory (EF or PL)
Lens Magnification factor (for EF Mount lenses, including Cinema Primes)
Full Frame:
5952 X 3140/4096 X 2160/2048 X 1080: x1.00
3840 X2160/1920 X 1080: x1.056
Super 35MM (Crop):
4096 X 2160/2048 X 1080: x1.460
3840 X 2160/1920 X 1080: x1.534
Super 16mm (Crop):
4096 X 2160/2048 X 1080: x2.920
3840 X 2160/1920 X1080: x3.069
Changeable Lens Mount
Yes, User changeable to EF Cinema Lock or PL
Peripheral illumination correction
YES (dependent on lens used)
ND filter
Up to 10 stops via built in ND filter system (in extended mode)
Focus control
EF Mount: Via lens, wireless control or wired remote (dependent on lens used)
PL Mount: Only Cine Servo lenses
Iris control (EF mount lenses)
Via body, grip, wireless control or wired remote.
1/2-stop, 1/3-stop or FINE control.
Possible to maintain constant F-number during zoom.
Cooke/I Technology Support
Yes (PL Mount only after mount change)
Anamorphic Lens Support
Yes, x2.0/x1.3
Image stabilization system
Optical depending on lens used. Electronic IS available (5-Axis)
Internal Recording
CFexpress card x2 for Cinema RAW Light or XF-AVC/MXF, SD card for XF-AVC Proxy recording
SD card also used for Photo Storage (1920 x 1080), CP setting transfer and firmware update
Recording time (Cfexpress card, 512GB) Approx.
Cinema RAW Light: 5952 X 3140: 2.1Gbps: 30 Mins
4096 X 2160: 1 Gbps: 65 Mins
2048 X 1080: 250 Mbps: 256 Mins
XF-AVC/MXF: 4096 X 2160: 810 Mbps 79 Mins/410 Mbps 156 Mins
2048 X 2160: 310 Mbps 207 Mins/160 Mbps 401 Mins
Recording Formats
Cinema RAW Light (CRM), XF-AVC (MXF)
System Frequency/ Frame Rates
59.94Hz mode (59.94P / 59.94i / 29.97P / 23.98P)
50.00Hz mode (50.00P / 50.00i / 25.00P)
24.00 Hz mode (24.00P)
Cinema RAW Light Bit Rate/Bit Depth (PAL)
5952 X 3140: 50.00P, 2.1Gbps 10-bit/25.00P, 2.1 Gbps 12-bit
4096 X 2160: 50.00P, 1 Gbps 10-bit/25.00P, 1Gbps 12-bit
2048 X 1080: 50.00P, 250Mbps 10-bit/25.00P 250 Mbps 12-bit
XF-AVC Recording Bit Rate/ Sampling (PAL)
4096 X 2160/3840 X 2160: 50.00P YCC 4:2:2 10-BIT 810 Mbps/25.00P YCC 4:2:2 10-bit 410 Mbps
2048 X 1080/1920 X 1080: 50.00P YCC 4:2:2 10-BIT 310 Mbps/25.00P YCC 4:2:2 10-bit 160 Mbps
All Intra Frame
XF-AVC Proxy Recording Bit Rate/ Sampling (PAL) To SD Card
2048 X 1080: 50.00P, YCC 4:2:0 8-bit 35 Mbps/25.00P, YCC 4:2:0 8-bit 24 Mbps Long GOP
Slow/Fast motion
Cinema RAW Light:
5952×3140/4096×2160: 59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 60 FPS. 24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 60 FPS
2048×1080: 59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 120 FPS.24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 120 FPS
XF-AVC, Full frame/Super 35mm (Cropped):
4096×2160/3840×2160 (810/410 Mbps): 59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 60 FPS
24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 60 FPS
2048×1080/1920×1080 (310/160 Mbps): 59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 60 FPS
24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 60 FPS
Super 16mm (Cropped)
59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 120 FPS. 24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 120 FPS
2048×1080 (35/24 Mbps): 59.94P /29.97P/ 50.00P / 25.00P : 15 – 120 FPS. 24.00P/ 23.98P : 12 – 120 FPS
Interval Record
Frame Record
Pre Record (cache record)
Yes, 3 seconds
Relay Recording
Double Slot (simultaneous) Recording
Scan Reverse
HD->SD conversion
Photo storage media
SD/SDHC memory card
Photo Recording Size
Approx. 930 KB at 2048×1080; Approx. 880 KB at 1920×1080
Wave Form Monitor
Yes. Via MON.1/2, VIDEO or HDMI Terminals (Not available from SDI Out 1 -4)
Line Display/Line and Spot/Line Select/Field Display/RGB Display/YPrPb. HDR PQ and HDR-HLG output supported. Indication is pre-LUT (where LUT is selected)
False Colour Display (Exposure Indication)
Yes. Via MON., VIDEO or HDMI Terminals
Colour Bars
SMPTE, EBU and ARIB colour bars available. See the menu.
Peaking 1, Peaking 2 (Colour, Gain, Frequency customisable)
Level 1; Level 2; Both
Output via HD-SDI or HDMI
On/Off selectable: center, horizontal, grid, aspect, safety zone, and rectangular marker. Colour selectable, yellow, blue, green, red, black, gray or white.
Built- In EVF
Optional EVF Accessory
Yes. OLED Electronic Viewfinder, EVF-V50 or EVF-V70
Audio in
XLR 3-pin connector x2, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack (input only, powered)
Input 1 and 2 on camera body. Additional 2x 3-Pin XLR on optional Expansion Unit EU-V2 (Input 3 and 4)
Headphone output
3.5 mm stereo mini jack (output only, Camera Body).
Video monitor output
MON.: BNC jack, (output only, Camera Body).
HDMI connector (type A) (output only, Camera Body).
Yes, Input only, Camera Body. (GP-E2 connection)
SDI output
BNC jack 1 x 12G-SDI Out (output only, Camera Body).
Time code
BNC jack (input/output, Camera Body).
Ye with optinal Expansion Unit EU-V1 and EU-V2. BNC jack (input only/also serves as SYNC OUT connector)
BNC jack (output only/also serves as GENLOCK connector)
Component out
AV terminal
DC Output
Yes, with optiional EU-V2. DC 24V 2A jack Fischer 3-pin jack (output only),
D-Tap connection, 50W maximum
DC input
XLR 4-pin jack
Remote Control Terminal
REMOTE A connector 2.5 mm stereo mini-mini jack (input only)
REMOTE B connector Round 8-pin jack (for RS-422) with optional EU-V1 or EU-V2
Wireless Control Terminal
Lens terminal
Yes, with optional EU-V2. 12-pin jack
Ethernet terminal
Yes, with optional EU-V1 and EU-V2. Ethernet connector (RJ45) (supports 1000 BASE-T)
IP Streaming
Yes. Via Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi capability (TBC) 9 Mbps/4 Mbps:1920 X 1080 (59.94p/59.94i/ 50.00p/50.00i) optional EU-V1 or EU-V2 required
User Viewing LUT input
Video connector
Canon’s proprietary specification (special 13-pin jack) for LM-V2 Monitor or optional EVF-V70 viewfinder or LM-V1 monitor
Tally lamp
Custom Dial
Exposure metering
Manual exposure determined by shutter setting, iris setting, ISO/gain setting and ND filter setting, Push Auto Iris, Auto Iris
Exposure Compensation
Auto Exposure mode
Auto Iris with compatible lenses
Push Auto Iris
Yes EF model all compatible lenses, PL Version compatible Canon Cine Servo lenses only with 12-pin connection on optional EU-V2
Exposure Lock
Auto Gain Control setting
ISO Sensitivity
1-Stop Display: [100], 160(*), 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, [51200,102400]
[—] Displayed when ISO speed expansion is ON. (*) Displayed when ISO speed expansion is OFF
1/3 Stop Display: [100,125], 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500,
3200, 4000, 5000, 6400, 8000, 10000, 12800, 16000, 20000, 25600,
[32000,40000,51200,64000, 80000,102400]
[—] When ISO speed expansion is ON.
Auto Focus System (EF Mount)
Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Contrast AF
AF Frame Sizes (EF Mount)
Large; size equivalent to approx. 20% (vertical) x 25% (horizontal) of the image display range
Small; size equivalent to approx. 20% (vertical) x 8% (horizontal) of the image display range
Selectable AF point over 80% horizontal/80% vertical (approx.) of sensor
Auto Focus Modes (EF Mount)
One-Shot AF, Continuous AF and AF-Boosted MF. All modes take effect when the AF/MF switch of the EF lens is at the AF setting.
One-Shot AF, Continuous AF, AF-Boosted MF
Face Detection AF (EF Version Only)
Face Priority or Face Only.
Focus Guide
EF version: All compatible Canon EF lenses, Canon Cine Servo Lenses
Gain setting
[-6dB,-3dB], -2dB(*), 0dB, 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB, 15dB, 18dB, 21dB, 24dB, 27dB,
30dB, 33dB, 36dB, 39dB, 42dB, [45dB,48dB,51dB,54dB]
[—] Displayed when ISO speed expansion is ON. (*) Displayed when ISO speed expansion is OFF.
When ISO speed expansion is ON: between -2 dB and 54 dB
When ISO speed expansion is OFF: Any value from -2 dB to 42 dB in 0.5 dB increments can be set.
Control Modes
Off; Speed; Angle; Clear Scan (CS); Slow Shutter (SLS)
Shutter speed
1 sec to 1/2000 depending on frame rate and Shutter Control Mode, 39 setting options
Shutter Angle
11.25º to 360º depending on frame rate
Slow Shutter (SLS)
1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/15, 1/25, 1/30 depending on frame rate
Clear Scan
24.00 Hz* to 250.40 Hz
(*) The frequency will differ depending on the frame rate setting.
Custom Picture
Stored Configurations
BT.709 (Wide DR / BT.709 Gamut)
LOG (Canon Log 2 / Cinema Gamut)
HDR-PQ (HDR-PQ / BT.2020 Gamut)
HDR-HLG (HDR-HLG / BT.2020 Gamut)
USER5 to USER20 (Wide DR / BT.709 Gamut)
* From BT.709, HDR-HLG is protected.
Colour matrix
Neutral: Accurate colour reproduction
Production Camera: Colour reproduction for use in movie production
Video: Color reproduction equivalent to C300/500 CP-OFF (for commercial cameras)
HDR-HLG Profile
BT.2100: Corresponds to ITU-R BT.2100
Vivid: Corresponds to Traditional Colour in ITU-R BT.2390
Master Pedestal
-50 to +50
Master Black
Adjustable for each channel RGB -50 to +50 plus Master Black -50 to +50
Black Gamma
Adjustable Level -50 to +50, Range -20 to +50 and Point -20 to +50
Low Key Saturation
Adjustable: -50 to +50
Point -50 to +109, Slope -35 to +50, Saturation -10 to +10
Adjustment for Level, H Detail Freq., Coring, HV Detail Balance, Limit, Select, Knee Aperture and Level dependent sharpness
Noise reduction
Off, On (1 to 12)
Skin detail
Off, Low, Middle, High / Hue, Chroma, Area, Luminance. 32 steps
Selective Noise Reduction
Off, Low, Middle, High / Hue, Chroma, Area, Luminance.
Colour matrix
Phase, Gain and RGB adjustment, in tandem with Gamma selection
White balance
AWB, USER setting (setting range: 2000K to 15000K/ -20CC to
+20CC), daylight, tungsten, settings (A/B)
Colour correction
Area selection / area revision of two areas
Setup level
-50 to +50 On/Off
Wi-Fi & GPS Specifications
Wi-Fi (Optional Accessory)
(1) WPS [Wi-Fi Protected Setup] (push-button system, PIN code system)
(2) Manual setup
(3) Search for access points
Open system, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP-64, WEP-128, TKIP, AES, Auto /manual
GPS Information (Optional Accessory)
Latitude/Longitude/Elevation, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
White Balance
Daylight (5400K), Tungsten (3200K), Kelvin (2000K-15000K, 100K intervals), Set A, Set B
White Balance Matching
Yes, for previous models
White Balance Shift
YES. -9 to +9 (Daylight and Tungsten only)
Black balance
Black balance adjustment
Time code
Count up system
Regen, RecRun, Free Run, External, Hold (Drop frame available for some frame rates)
Start value setting
“00:00:00:00”, Set/Reset selectable
Linear PCM (24-bit / 48kHz), 4 channels
Camera Grip GR-V1, Thumb rest, Mic holder unit [w/ M4 screw], LCD Monitor LM-V2,
LCD Attachment Unit LA-V2, Handle unit, Shoulder strap SS-1200, Battery Charger CG-A20,
Compact power adapter CA-CP200B, AC cable, Battery pack (BP-A60),
Extension System Attachment Bracket, Unit Cable UN-5,
Other: Stopper, Hex Wrenches (M4 and M3), Hex Socket Head Bolt (1/4 in.),
Hex Socket Head Bolt (M3)
Canon Battery Pack BP-A30/BP-A60 (provided with camera)
Canon Battery Charger CG-A10/CG-A20 (provided with camera)
Canon Remote Controller RC-V100
Canon Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200B (provided with camera)
Canon Shoulder Strap SS-1200 (provided with camera)
Canon Tripod base TB-1
Canon Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E9
Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2
Canon Unit Cable UN-5 (provided)/UN-10 (purchased separately)
Canon OLED Electronic View Finder EVF-V50(*)/EVF-V70
* Canon Extension unit 1: EU-V1
* Canon Extension unit 2: EU-V2
* Canon EF Cinema Lock Mount Kit CM-V1
* Canon PL Mount Kit PM-V1
Canon B4 Mount Adapter MO-4E/MO-4P
Canon LCD Monitor LM-V2 (included)/LM-V1
Canon LCD Attachment Unit LA-V2 (included)/LA-V1
Canon Camera Grip GR-V1 (included)
Canon Shoulder Support Unit SU-15
Canon Shoulder Style Grip Unit SG-1
Canon Clamp Base CL-V2
Canon Rod Clamp RD-1
Canon Handle Unit HDU-2
Canon 8-pin Remote Cable RR-10/RR-100
Canon EF/EF cinema lens group, Canon PL cinema lens group, and accessories
designed for these lenses
(*) New products
Third Party Accessories
V-Lock battery
Dimensions (Main Body Only)
153x148x168mm (WxHxD)
Weight (body only)
Approx. 1,750g
Weight (Accessories)
Camera Grip GR-V1: Approx. 260g Mic holder unit: Approx. 56g
LCD Monitor LM-V2: Approx. 204g LCD Attachment Unit LA-V2: Approx. 265g
Handle unit: Approx. 227g Thumb rest: Approx. 9g
Battery Pack BP-A60: Approx. 434g Extension System Attachment Bracket: Approx. 11g
Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200B: Approx. 290g (Not including AC cable)
Unit Cable UN-5 Approx. 80g Battery Charger CG-A20: Approx. 145g Body cap: Approx. 17g
Eyecap: Approx. 26g

Optional accessories
Extension unit 1 EU-V1: Approx. 114g / Extension unit 2 EU-V2: Approx. 652g
OLED Electronic View Finder EVF-V50: Approx.170 g
EF Cinema Lock Mount Kit CM-V1: Approx. 170g Not including cap
PL Mount Kit PM-V1: Approx. 345g Not including cap
B4 Mount Adapter MO-4E: Approx. 230g / MO-4P: Approx. 248g
CFexpress card: Approx. 8g Clamp Base: CL-V2:Approx. 120g
Operating Temperature range
Approx. 0 to 40°C, (85% relative humidity)
Approx. -5 to 45°C, (60% relative humidity)
Power Supply
BP-A60 (Supplied), BP-A30 (Optional) V-Lock with EU-V2, 11V – 20V, Mains 4-pin XLR
Power Consumption
Cinema RAW Light: Full size/5952 x 3140 2.1GB: 59.94P/50.00P – 34.0W
Super 16mm/2048 x 1080 250Mbps: 59.94P/50.00P – 28.0W
XF-AVC: Full size/ 4096 x 2160 810Mbps: 59.94P/50.00P – 33.4W
Super 16mm/2048 x 1080 310Mbps: 59.94P/50.00P – 28.0W

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