Underwater Video Camera Housing Hire & Rental

Underwater Housings for Video Cameras

“The latest Housings to take your Video Underwater”

The Ewa Marine underwater housings that we have available for hire allow you take all sorts of stills and video cameras underwater to a distance of 10 meters plus without any trouble if you need a cost effective solution to get the job done then dive in and choose the model that fits your video or camera set-up

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Which Underwater Housing to Hire?

Hiring the very best Underwater Video Housing for your project is what we are here to assist with

We’re proud to have provided underwater housings for many BBC Productions Hollywood Blockbusters like “In the heart of the sea” and even underwater fashion shoots around the world if you need to get anything from a small DSLR through to an Arri film camera into the water then we may have a solution that works for you

Underwater Camera Housing Hire and Rental
Ever wondered how people get those great underwater shots without ruining their camera? The answer is simple by the use of an underwater camera housing, and it’s getting more and more popular as the camera industry evolves and the need for more creative shots are sought


Deciding on the best Underwater Camera or Video Camera housing to Hire
When looking at which underwater camera housing is best for you research will show you that there are two main options hard cases like the Ikelite underwater housings we hire and the ewa-marine soft housings whilst the ewe marine housings are very cost effective especially when you hire them they can be a little tricky to access all the functions on your camera, camcorder or video camera so if your after a simple shot then sure these will do the job for you but if you will be pulling focus or ned to access the functions on your camera then check out the Ikelite housings as these have the main controls built in to the housing so you can be sure of proper control during your underwater filming or photography project

Ewe marine Underwater Housing Hire
The ewa-marine underwater housing is a flexible see-through housing and upon first inspection you find yourself thinking that this can’t possibly protect my camera! But it does! The ewa-marine underwater camera housing can go down to depths of 150 feet however don’t panic, it doesn’t start to let water into the underwater housing if you go any further however as the pressure increases with your depth the underwater housing will be pushed close to the camera which can press the buttons and alter your settings. There is a different model of the underwater housing for each camera so make sure you hire or rent the correct underwater housing as the flexible housing material may rip if not big enough to house your camera exposing your camera to the water. In the ewa-marine housing there are 2 blocks of foam provided to allow easy positioning of your camera and to adjust the height to ensure the lens fits correctly into the lens port. Sealing up the underwater camera housing is simple – you stick the screws in through the sealing bar and turn the thumbscrews. It’s best to test the bag without a camera in it first to make sure there are no holes and it is watertight. Condensation is very common in these housings however ewa-marine includes a few packets of the Silica gel with a space inside the case for you to pop one in to counter any condensation. Overall for a low budget this is a very good underwater camera housing to hire

Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing hire
Ikelite hard case can be hired to house both cameras and video cameras from Videoed and are rated down to 60 meters depth the Ikelite housings that you can hire can be provided to house your own equipment or you hire the complete package with a camera or video camera ready to go, each heavy-duty clear polycarbonate housing has thick walls almost 1cm thick making this a robust yet not to heavy housing with a handle each side to be able to comfortably hold the camera while swimming, however there are also grooves which provide a space for each finger making it easy to handle to insert the camera the casing has resealable watertight openings at each end, which have detachable ballast bases and handles. It’s very simple to insert the camera into the case; you simply slide the camera onto a tripod shoe while sliding it into the housing and then secure the ends. This housing is considerably heavier than the ewa-marine underwater camera housing however when you are under the water it is pretty much weightless making it easy to move this is an extremely good underwater camera or video camera housing so if you need to hire or rent an underwater housing that is easy to use then go for the ikelite housing

Gates Underwater Housing Hire
We have a range of specialist Gates underwater housings available to hire for popular film making models like the Arri Alexa Mini giving you true flexibility in the range of video cameras you can take underwater

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