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Which Apple Mac to Hire?


Get the right Mac to get your project completed from a MacBook through to the latest Pro Macs with all the software you need to get you going 

Whatever your project Videoed has you covered from portable editing solutions, rendering 8K or 3D resource heavy projects hiring the perfect Mac will power through the job in no time so when you need additional processing power or additional work stations your in safe hands check out the guides below if you need help choosing the best spec for your needs

The Apple Mac Hire Range


The entire Apple Mac computer range is available to hire or rent giving you a wide choice of the very latest equipment to get your project completed with Videoed

Giving you the very best hire and rental rates anywhere and yes we guarantee it not forgetting you get so much more in your package as standard check it out and see how much you can save in many cases over 50% We will make sure the equipment is delivered before the time you need it and collected after your finish time saving you time, money and frustration

If you need some help choosing the best Apple Mac to hire then read on with a range of models selecting the best one to hire to get your job done is simple just follow the advice and if you need any clarication please reach out and we can gudie you to the best possible solution

A Macbook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro lovingly reffered to as a trash can or the very latest Mac Pro’s or iMac’s which to choose depends on two main factors if you need to be portable then a MacBook is the perfect choice if you need to be mobile and have lots of processing power then a MacBook Pro is your weapon if you will be working in an office or at home then an iMac is a great choice need power again then go for the iMac Pro for ultimate processing power and easily portable from location to location the Mac Pro trash can style will power through the most complex rendering and editing  jobs and for the ultimate in processing power the latest Mac Pro is the ultimate in performance

Macbook’s and MacBook Pro’s offer the perfect compromise between power and portability the difference between the standard Mac Book and MacBook pro is the inclusion of dedicated graphics cards on the MacBook Pro and fater processors an important factor to remember is that when rendering video or graphics and 3D 4D files the bulk of the crunching is done on the graphics card so the graphics card is more important than the processor when it comes to the speed of rendering which is why you will find advanced graphics cards on the Pro range of Mac equipment

If you need a solution for Photoshop or HD Video files then any of our MacBook range will keep with your work demands and not slow you down if you are rendering 4K footage or high frame rate footage then a MacBook Pro will keep up with you and render most edits in a matter of minutes and be able to cope with advanced edits with colour grading, transistions and multiple time lines whilst still being highly portable

iMacs are an all in one solution offering a complete package with power on tap and a high resolution in built screen capable of editing and powering graphics rendering easily

iMacs are the back bone of the creative industry and it’s easy to see why as they power through applications like Final Cut and the Adobe suite smoothly and can handle all but the most demanding tasks and that’s where the iMac Pro comes in for anything 4K and above or multicam advanced edits then the extra power the iMac Pro’s offer will speed up rendering times and help you complete projects much faster capable of completing even the largest of projects with masses of data the iMac Pro’s deliver depenable processing power if you need quicker rendering and processing times then the next step up is the Mac Pro

When you need serious processing power the Mac Pro comes ready to take on the challenge with multiple cores, multiple graphics cards all ready to steam through video and graphics renders complimented by super fast connections for external hard drives and multiple monitors eliminating any bottle necks yet with a fantastic design its surprisingly compact meaning its easy to transport from location to location and on hand wherever you need the power and capabilities the Mac Pro has to offer

Mac Pro was specifically designed from the ground up to give professionals access to the very ultimate processing performance and can be found in the very best music studios and editing suites or anywhere that needs the ultimate in performance if you need more power then the ultimate new Mac Pro can be hired which offers extreme levels of data crunching capabilities for users that need speed to render advanced VFX animation or 8K footage

With up to 28 cores yes 28 cores the new Mac Pro rewrites everything you thought you knew about power boasting an incredible six channels of ultra fast memory with 12 memory slots allowing an incredible 1.5TB of memory but whats the point I hear you say well it gives power users the power to render and process complex projects in the quickest possible time frame so a users time is spent being productive and not waiting on technology to do its thing so if you need the ultimate in processing and rendering then the New Mac Pro is the model to hire


With video files needing lots of storage especially with higher resolution, Raw or high frame rate recordings you may find you need additional fast storage to compliment your hire so we have flexible storage solutions available including super fast SSD’s and raid storage when you cant risk putting your footage or data at risk of being corrupt take a look at all the media and storage options available to expand the storage on your mac

All the Apple Mac equipment you can hire comes installed with a host of software so you can be up and running as soon as the equipments delivered included is the full Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and DaVinci Resolve along with handy extras like Handbrake if you need additional software just let us know when placing your order we can supply licences for premium software like Shot Put Pro to cover only your hire period allowing you to benefit from the very best premium software packages but only pay for the time you will be using them there are no restrictions on any additional software that you wish to install whilst the Apple Macs are on hire to you

Guide to Hiring an Apple Mac Computer for a novice
Let me guess… you want to shoot a video or you have video footage already and now you need to decide what device is required to edit your footage? Am I right? Choosing the best device to edit and compile your footage is something that needs to be carefully considered during the early stages of planning your video. Sometimes that’s not an option. Perhaps, you have taken on a piece of work with little notice or you’ve not accounted for post-production costs. It happens to us all!

This guide has been written to guide you through choosing the BEST Apple computer to hire or rent to edit your video footage
Apple Computers are continuously growing in popularity and are fast becoming the first and only choice for professional filmmakers. The reasons for this are that Apple Mac’s generally have faster processor speeds, with the latest iMac boasting terrabytes of flash storage to boost performance, multi-tasking and load speeds. The most recent iMac Pro also includes advanced storage facilities including a 1TB hard drive as standard and the option to upgrade to a whopping 3TB which is great for backing up HD video and audio footage. Apple Mac Computers are available in multiple core options and in this guide I’m going to highlight which option is best for you.

iMac Hire
Let’s start with the most stunning of the Apple Mac products available to hire or rent, the iMac. The iMac has gone through some serious changes over the years. The first iMac, the iMac G3 was released in 1998 and had what was described as a “gum drop” look with a CRT monitor encased in a translucent blue-plastic casing. It looked like it belonged in the old Star Trek shows but Apple promoted it as the only computer that could be set-up and connected to the Internet in just 2 steps. In one advertisement Apple challenged an HP Pavilion to beat the iMac G3’s set-up and connect time and HP lost by a considerable amount.

We’re now 14 years ahead and whilst things have changed dramatically for the iMac, Apple are still at the forefront of computer technology and are pushing their products to be faster and more efficient with every new release. The most recent iMac comes in two screen sizes. 21.5” and 27” and features an anti-reflective LCD screen that produces vivid, “true-to-life images every time.” The iMac is one of the most popular computers for filmmakers and is my personal favourite. In the past I have used the iMac to produce professional wedding videos, short films and promotional videos for businesses. One of the best reasons to use Apple Mac Computers is the editing software that is available to use

Our iMacs come fully equipped with Final Cut Studio, the professional video and audio production suite for Mac, a direct competitor to Avid Media Composer, which used to be the only professional production suite in the filmmaking industry, and includes: • Final Cut Pro • Soundtrack Pro • Compressor • Motion • Color • DVD Studio Pro These 6 tools provide you with “real time editing for DV, SD and HD”, “real-motion graphics design” and “advanced audio editing and sound design”. Final Cut Pro has to be my favourite tool and the latest release of Final Cut Pro X is incredible. Final Cut allows you to effortlessly edit your video and sound clips into the timeline. The interface and controls are easy to pick up and there are some pretty cool effects and editing options available. A wide range of filmmakers, universities and production houses across the Globe favour Final Cut Pro due to its flexibility and fast editing capabilities. Once your footage has been cut, trimmed and positioned in the timeline you can use Soundtrack Pro to tweak your audio and to add a music score. Using the Color tool you can add vibrancy and richness of colour back to your video footage. You can make your video footage more cinematic, darker, colder, warmer, brighter, older…you can achieve any effect. Motion allows you to create titles and motion graphics to lay over your footage to bring a touch of animation to your video project. When you’re video project is complete you then have two options. You can use DVD Studio Pro to produce a DVD copy of your finished project or you can send your footage to the Compressor for a variety of encoding options including the ability to; upload to YouTube, create a BluRay, upload to AppleTV, convert from NTSC to PAL, SD to HD and much more. At some point during the post-production process you’ll need to run some, if not all, of these tools simultaneously. To allow you to do this, iMacs now come with an impressive Intel Core i5 processor. Time and time again I have found the Apple iMac to be a great computer to use and when hired or rented ensures the latest software and specifications without the associated high costs when editing my video and audio footage enabling me to produce a professional end result every time

MacBook Pro Hire
Apple have recently diverted their path from the traditional MacBook Pro and they now have two very different options to choose from. There’s the standard MacBook Pro that includes a DVD drive and the new MacBook Pro with the retina display that does not. As filmmakers, unless you want to hire an external DVD writer the MacBook Pro is probably the best option, so that’s the one I’m going to focus on in this guide. The MacBook Pro is available to hire or rent in two screen size options – the 13” and the 15” model. Both models feature fast processors, 6MB to 8MB of cache and HD Graphics chips to better handle HD images which is perfect when re-visiting footage. One bonus with the MacBook Pro that you don’t get with the iMac is that it’s portable – you can take the MacBook Pro with you! I was commissioned to film a Holy Communion two years ago and the family that I was working for asked if they could view some of the footage at the end of the day and if they could use it as a show reel during their evening event. To achieve this, I took along my 15” MacBook Pro and during the breaks throughout the day where filming wasn’t required I uploaded the footage that I had captured and using Final Cut Pro created a 5 minute video for the family to play during the evening to all of their friends and relatives that weren’t able to attend the ceremony. Because I had decided to take my MacBook Pro I was able to burn the DVD on site, present it to the events manager who was then able to play the DVD directly on the projector for everyone to see. The MacBook Pro has a long battery life that won’t let you down and numerous ports allowing you to connect external hard drives, SD cards, headphones and your video camera so that you have ultimate editing control and power whilst out on a shoot

Cost to hire Apple computers
Apple Mac Computers are extremely costly with the 13” MacBook Pro starting at £999.00 or you could hire the macbook pro from £75 and the 21.5” iMac starting at £85 to hire or £1,099.00 to purchase for the basic models and without the addition of extra hard drive storage, memory and the editing software. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to hire Apple Mac Computers. That way, you can employ the use of professional equipment and software to produce your video project without facing an overwhelming expense that can severely impact your overall filming budget.
My Recommended Apple Computer to hire or rent
If you’re looking for an industry standard, fast, high-resolution device to quickly and effectively edit and master your audio and video footage into a professional video project, look no further than the Apple iMac. It’s an exceptional computer that I would personally recommend to all filmmakers both new and experienced in the industry in fact any of the models on offer will cope with pretty much any task thrown at it

Top Tips and things to consider when you hire an apple mac computer
At this stage, you’ve read the reviews and you’re almost settled on the Apple Mac Computer that you need to complete your video project. To ensure that you have chosen the computer that best suits your post-production needs simply remember to ask yourself the following questions: • Do you need a portable computer that you can take with you whilst filming? If so, the MacBook Pro is the best option for you. • Do you need to run multiple applications at the same time? Then choose the iMac for it’s powerful processor. Remember that editing your footage is the final step in creating a video

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