Apple iMac and iMac Pro Hire & Rental with nationwide delivery

Apple iMac and iMac Pro Hire

“The latest Apple iMacs for hire and rental”

Apple iMac Hire and Rental

The newest range of iMacs are available to hire along with with cost effective models so if you need power for rendering large projects or a solution for training courses and education then you can hire the iMac that fits your exact requirements from the broad range available

Apple iMac Pro Hire and Rental

The latest and greatest iMac Pros are available to hire so if you need the ultimate power for rendering large projects or a solution for training courses and education in one complete package then you can hire the iMac Pro that fits your exact requirements from the very latest models available from Apple

The Apple iMac Hire Range


Whatever task you have to complete you will find the perfect iMac to hire and get your job completed easily and on time

Giving you the very best hire and rental rates anywhere and yes we guarantee it not forgetting you get so much more in your package as standard check it out and see how much you can save in many cases over 50% We will make sure the equipment is delivered before the time you need it and collected after your finish time saving you time, money and frustration

> More Than
Apple iMac Hire


When you hire an Apple iMac from Videoed you get so much more, all included with our compliments.

Supplied with licenced software including Final Cut Pro X, The full Adobe suite, and DiVinchi along with many useful plugins like Handbrake you will be up and running straight away if you require additional software just let is know and we can arrange licences for you to last the period of your hire you are also free to install any additional software you may require each Mac is sent out with a fresh install of the latest OSX and up to date software

Which iMac to Hire?


Hiring the very best Apple iMac for your project is what we are here to assist with

Whatever your looking to get done with an iMac Videoed has a solution for you so check out the entire Apple Imac range or if you are new to Mac equipment then reach out if you want to ensure you will recieve the very best option suitable for the job in hand we’ve  taken away the need to understand specifications or Apple iMac capabilities you will find the entire process pure magic

Apple software on your iMac whats best for you?


Discover the best software we can supply on your iMac for your project our support is available to novices and seasoned Imac users

We supply the very best editing software along with the most popular apps on all our Imacs that you can hire so in most cases you have everything you need we can also suppply a host of fully licenced additional software if you request it we will ensure the equipment is delivered ready to go with everything pre installed check out the additional software we can supply if there is a product not listed then please get in touch and we will see what we can do to support you

Since the inception of the iMac in 1993 Apples initial design brief has never wavered on delivering an easy to use powerful all in one desktop computer with a great user experience and Apple delivered always ahead of the curve in terms of display sharpness and cutting edge speed and performance which is why the creative industry simply don’t use anything else and whilst iMacs have become very trendy and overkill for your average user the widely adapted technology has resulted in a lower price point for such performance due to the sheer volume of Apples being sold which has benefitted not only the creative industry but brought high performance to the masses so if you need an Apple iMac to do simple or advanced tasks you will find hiring a cost effective route to get the performace you need and only pay for the time your using the equipment.

The iMac range is available in 21.5″ and 27″ screen sizes the Apple iMacs you can hire start of with dual core 2.3GHz processors which can run at speeds up to 3.6GHz and sporting an internal superfast SSD with 1TB of storage and a full HD screen perfect for HD video editing and Adobe packages whilst the quad core 3.6GHz sports a 4K retina display and advanced graphics cards by Radeon with 2GB of graphics memory to help with rendering making this the ideal solution for 4K editing then we have the 6 core 3.06GHz which can run up to a blistering 4.1GHz and 4GB of memory on the Radeon graphics card a great solution for editing 4K footage or complex edits with multiple timelines, transistions and colour correction all of which are heavy on resources allowing you to continue working on projects without waiting hours on rendering times and allow you to speedily output projects in different formats

For power hungry users with complex edits or graphics packages that need data crunching as quickly as possible allowing fast rendering times on even the most complex of edits then hire the Apple iMac Pro and access the ultimate in all in one power house with 8 cores running at speeds up to 4.2GHz and matched with a Radeon Pro Vega graphics card with 8GB of graphics memory on board to smash rendering times of even the most complex edits or graphics renders all displayed on a jaw dropping 5K screen so you can see every pixel in stunning detail and see edits and renders in real time without having to wait for processors to catch up saving you valuable time and allowing your creativity to flow without frustration so if you need the ultimate all in one editing solution then the Apple iMac Pro is the one to Hire

For education and training purposes we offer a range of entry level iMacs perfect for teaching editing and graphics or music creation whilst not the latest models these budget iMacs still deliver great performance on a budget and feature the same sofware and apps that our top spec Imacs feature so if you need to use capable iMacs on scale then these offer fantastic value and are subject to our educational and not for profit discount scheme to keep costs firmly under control apply for support you simply can’t find a more cost effective way of hiring Apple iMacs for education or training if you are an educational institute we can also offer long term hires please drop us a line for more details on how we can support you

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