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Full Live Video Streaming to any platform is simple when you engage Videoed to take care of your streamed production

Once you’ve booked your streaming production a dedicated project manager will be allocated to your streaming project to ensure every detail is taken care of from planning through to the final live stream

Each and every live stream is unique and we aim to tailor your video stream to best reflect your desired outcome.

Key factors to consider include the platforms you will be streaming to making sure that viewers can easily access the live stream production and ensuring that you have control over who can view the stream and if the stream is for a selected audience or publicly available.

You may also wish to have the stream recorded so it can be viewed at a later date or so that snippets of the content can be repurposed once the streams complete.

You will have the choice to choose the streaming platforms you would like your event streamed to and you can even stream to multiple platforms at once giving you access to a wider audience.

It may be that you would only like to stream to selected viewers who will only be able to access the streamed content using a secure password all this can be discussed once you have selected the date for your production. 


Types of Live Stream Production

There are many types of Live Streaming Productions including traditional In-Person, Virtual Events and the new normal being Hybrid Events we can ensure you get the best solution to your live streaming production goals

In Person Live Streaming

Traditional In-Person live streams allow you to stream events with participants helping your reach a wider audience around the world.

Virtual Events Streaming

Bringing remote speakers together in one stream delivering seamless content to remote viewers allows you to host your event completely online managed at our central London data centre.

Adding in slide and video content and managing the complete live stream production for you.

Hybrid Events Streaming Production

Streaming your In-Person event and adding in remote speakers, presenters and presentations is easily achieved allowing your event to become a Hybrid Stream

Choosing the best platform to live stream to

Theres multiple platforms you can stream to including free services like Youtube, Facebook, and even Tiktok read on to see the differences

The main consideration when choosing your platform is how it fits in with your audience and if you need the content of the stream restricted to a certain audience.

By far the biggest and most easily accesible platform is Youtube perfect for allowing your stream to be viewed by anyone, other platforms include Vimeo which gives you more advanced options along with Facebook which are all great options for publicly viewable streams if you want to integrate with a corporate infrastructure then Zoom is a great option along with Teams can all be set up and tightly controlled in regard to which viewers are allowed access.

Being prepared for your live video stream

Once you have chosen the best video streaming package for your event and prepared any additional video and slide content you can relax and let the stream team set up your streams ahead of the event day

When your live stream date arrives the crew with all the live streaming equipment will arrive on location and set up and test everything to make sure you are delighted  with the camera angles and prepare any slides or video content that needs to be added to the video stream we will also carry out a test stream to ensure everything is ready to go.

For small productions you may choose just one camera or for larger productions we can support up to 18 cameras by utilising PTZ (remote controlled pan tilt and zoom cameras) or traditional video cameras dependant on the best solution for your desired outcome.

If you have an AV company providing audio then we will integrate with the existing audio setup (we have great working relationship with many of the industry leading AV providers) or if required we can supply full audio support with microphones, lapel mics and an audio technician for perfect sound capture on the day.

If you have remote speakers/ presenters we can send an easy to use camera package directly to the participants so they can be integrated into the production using the best quality audio and visual production simply not achievable with web cams.

Internet connection is key to the success of your live stream and available bandwidth can dictate the quality of the stream so we will ensure that your venue can provide all that’s needed prior to your event we also carry 4G and 5G transmission as a back in the unlikely event that there is an issue with internet connectivity on the day.

So to summarise select the platform or platforms that you wish to stream to you can see a list of platforms here, make sure the broadband bandwith is good enough (or provide the venue details to us and we will check everything out for you) for your stream you would need a minimum of 1.5MBPS to deliver 720p resolution with an ideal bandwith of 3MBPS to allow for full HD and if you would like to stream in 4K a minimum of 10MBPS would be needed, and lastly have any additional video and slide inserts ready for our technicians on the day of your live stream.


PTZ Cameras allow unmanned cameras to be placed without the intrusion of an operator

When selecting the best camera option for live streaming you can use traditional video cameras that give great flexibility and allow for a more creative production or you can opt for PTZ cameras that are placed in suitable locations and operated remotely 

PTZ cameras on your live stream allow multiple cameras to be opearted by one technician keeping crew numbers to a minimum but giving you the additional benefit of multiple camera angles from wide to close up and even audience facing shots to add that extra level of authenticity to your live stream production

Production Crew you can Trust

Take the guess work out of using freelancers, You can be sure that the very best of our crew will be allocated to your production to meet and exceed your brief with a proven track record in the skill set you require.

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