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Conference and Event Video Hire and Edit

HD Film Your Conference & We Edit Easy To Use Package From £350

HD Film Your Conference & We Edit Professional Video Camera Hire From £400

Live Streaming Packages

Is 4K or HD best for your Conference

Whilst 4K undoubedtly offers better quality than HD most conference footage will be streamed or watched on line and therefore HD footage is in most cases more than suitable HD footage still allows you to see slides and presenters super crisp yet keeps file sizes to a minimum producing fantastic quality

4K Film Your Conference & We Edit Easy To Use Video Camera Hire From £400

4K Film Your Conference & We Edit Professional Video Camera Hire From £450

Full Conference Video Production From £600

With these packages you get the Video Camera and all accessories required along with an edit produced from the footage you film of your conference

All the support you need is on hand to ensure you get the best results from filming your conference give us a try reach out to our team we would love to hear from you

Is a film it yourself and let us edit your footage the right choice for you

If you’re happy to do the filming with our equipment then this is the package for you once you send the equipment back we will transfer the conference footage and get on with your epic edit and have this ready for you within 10 days

If you feel you would rather have the footage filmed as well then look at our full production Conference Video Production

Is it Easy to use the Conference Video Camera Hire Packages

We have taken the guess work out of the best equipment to use if you have limited knowledge of video cameras the selected models will give you great results and easy to use featuring fully automatic capabilities and we’ve even including quick start guides to get you filming as quickly as possible and if there’s anything you need help with we are here to assist all we can so you get the conference videoed with no stress or fuss.

Why Use Videoed for Your Conference Video Camera Hire Packages

A core element of our business is filming events and conferences across europe and even beyond since 2005 so by using Videoed you will be supported by our friendly team who can help you plan and provide sound knowledge gained from years of producing and delivering the very best quality results for clients of all sizes

Supporting You Filming Your Conference or Live Event

When you hire your conference package you wont be left in the dark if you run into any trouble our technical team are on hand to assist and help in any way we can to ensure you get the most from the equipment and the very best results whilst filming your event if you have any doubts then we are here to help you get the job completed not just hire you the kit

Get Your Conference or Event Videoed

Conference & Events Video Packages Comparison

Take a deeper look at all our Conference Video Packages side by side to see what's included with each package this will help you choose what suits your budget and requirements the best, quickly and easily...

The Best Video Equipment To Video a Conference or Event

Ive been filming conferences of all sizes for over 10 years now and I've gained through experience some great advice and tips that may help so lets take a deeper look at filming a conference...

Conference Video Filming Professional Pointers and Tips

Filming a Conference can be a challenge but follow our tips and it can become rather enjoyable! Follow these tips and tricks and be prepared for what to look out for and how to overcome any issues and all should go to plan...

Editing Your Conference Video Production

If youve decided to simply hire your conference video equipment from Videoed you've made a swell choice and we're on hand to help you get your footage onto your computer and show you the basics of editing...

Conference Video Client Testimonials

We always go the extra mile so our clients are presented with the best value service and highest quality conference video available edited to perfection and delivered on line ready to be shared and viewed keeping turnaround times to under 10 working days your conference will be live whilst its still fresh...

How it all Works Step by Step Your Conference Videoed

It really is simple to get your conference Videoed after all we've been servicing conference video market longer than anyone we know about infact since 2004 so our process is hassle free, fast and the experience is pure conference Video magic...

Conference Video Edit and Video Camera Hire
Filming your conference is easy with our packages selected to take into account your skill level our easy to use package allows anybody to set a video camera up and capture the presentations easily if you have previous knowledge and a basic understanding of video cameras then you will find our professional conference package that you can use on manual and adjust everything as you see fit but if you feel you may be out of depth here you can also set this video camera to full auto so you can be sure your Videoed conference comes out crisp and clear and we can get the very best edit produced for you then theres also the option to take advantage of a two video camera package that will allow you to cover a wide and tight shot or two different angles for your conference video and we will merge the two angles tohgether when we edit the footage for you

Things to consider when choosing which a video camera to hire for your conference
The main consideration for selecting the video camera is your ability to operate the equipment and if you will be handle a 4K workflow of if HD would be a better fit if you have no knowledge then choosing the easy to use option will get you all you need to get great results by simply framing the shot and hitting record there is 6 hours record time and with the supplied tripod and headphones you can check on the audio again which will be set to auto as standard if you have used a video camera and are confident to find your way around the settings then using the professional option will give you the best results in broadcast quality so now you know which to pick you will need to decide on 4K or HD bear in mind that most conferences are eventually delivered in HD via streaming or intranet  sites so filming in any resolution above this will lead to more post production work bigger file sizes and longer rendering times esoecially if  your conference is over a number of hours or even days so the trade of here is if  the end result will be viewed in HD dont make things more difficult for yourself by filming in 4K

Accessories to get the most from your conference filming

To get the very best results when filming your conference you should consider audio options there are a couple of ways of getting perfect audio if the conference is small and there is no PA system (microphones and speakers) then you can use lapel mics like these on the presenter the receiver attaches to the camera so you will only be picking up the presenter and not any ambient noise or background sounds from the audience if the conference is using a PA system and a sound desk then you can easily run a line from the desk into the video camera so you will only be picking up the audio from the speaker system a clever recommendation here is to record the PA feed on one channel and the ambient sound on the other channel from the cameras in built mic this will allow you to mix in any audience feed back later like clapping or questions.

Lastly think about the slides if there are any if you want to use these in your video its easier to record them directly rather than on the video camera for clarity to do this you can use a recorder like the BlackMagic video assist this gives you the slides in sync with the video and would allow you to show them picture in picture in your final edit


Who Will Support You If You Run Into Trouble With Your Hired Video Camera Equipment
Make sure when hiring equipment that the provider can actually support you and help you overcome any hurdles whilst we can’t help with every scenario we will certainly do our best with a well versed technical crew and camera crew professional we can call on to assist with even the strangest of request from understanding codecs on cameras through to overcoming issues with overexposed footage the chances are we can help and its all part of the service that all our clients receive after all its important that you get the results you need not just a box full of equipment

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