Live Streaming HD Prosumer Video Camera Hire Package 1 to 4 cameras

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Prosumer Easy To Use Professional Video Streaming Hire Package

Perfect for in house Live Video Streaming Production, Everything you need is included simply select the number of video cameras you require and your package will be delivered complete with the professional HD Canon XA35 Video Cameras, all the cables required (20 meter HDMI cables from camera to switcher), a Vision mixer allowing you to switch between cameras and control the audio levels you can also select optional wireless lapel microphones for presenters and a pre configured laptop ready to get you on air we even provide technical telephone support every step of the way so the only thing you will need in addition is broad band connectivity.

Designed to work effortlessly when streaming your live video production to all major business and social platforms so you can be confident that everything supplied will work out of the box without any compatibility issues on the day.

Prosumer Live Video Streaming Package Overview

Hiring our live streaming packages give you everything you need to get up and running and on air without any fuss or worries.

All you need to do is select the number of cameras you require remember the more cameras you have the more creative your live stream will be with multiple angles and close up framing adding more dimension to your live production.

You have the choice to add audio equipment and even a pre configured laptop keeping things nice and simple and ensuring your live stream is stress free.

Everything needed is supplied, so you will receive;

The number of cameras requested above.

20 meter HDMI cable for each camera.

Tripod for each camera

Vision switcher

USB cables to connect to laptop

Optional Laptop with OBS software and connection cables

Optional Lapel Microphones with cables

Live Streaming hire package including the Canon XA35 Prosumer Video Camera Hire


Delivering an easy to use live streaming package using Canon XA35s perfect for HD video streaming and featuring both HDMI and SDI outputs for flexibility.

The video cameras can be set to full auto so each video camera can be locked off or for advanced users you can set the key features like exposure and focus to manual giving you a choice of ways to control the quality of the picture for your stream dependant on you capabilities.

The Canon XA35 really is the simplest and easiest to use of all the prosumer video cameras we offer and will deliver brilliant quality footage for your live stream production even in a novices hands.

Audio can be directly incorporated into the cameras as they all feature 2 x XLR audio inputs meaning that lapel mics, top mics or a sound desk feed can be directly connected to any of the cameras to easily integrate and embed the sound for your live stream video.

Each video camera comes with a Manfrotto BeeFree tripod 2 batteries and a power supply/ charger along with 128GB of storage providing up to 15 hours video recording capacity if you would also like to record the live stream locally on each camera.

Simple to set up and use switcher and encoder provided for you to live stream

In your hire package you will find the Blackmagic ATEM Mini allowing you to easily connect and switch the cameras on your production day.
It’s as simple as connection the switcher to your laptop or computer via the supplied USB cable and you will be ready to take control of which cameras will be seen on your live stream at any given time, this clever switcher will fool your computer into thinking that you have connected a webcam making integration with Microsoft Teams, Skype and platforms like Zoom super easy, for advanced users integration with OBS (you can download a free version here) and other streaming software is just as simple.
You choose between the cameras labeled 1 to 4 and then you can even get creative with transitions like fade, cut and dissolve you will also be able to integrate still images, power point presentations and external videos or even a feed from your laptop or computer screen.

Delivering your stream in full HD using the HD footage being provided from the live stream video camera package so your viewers get the best in quality and resolution without any complicated settings to worry about.
If you have remote presenters these can be integrated into your stream using their webcam or we can supply them with a simple set up to enhance the audio and visual feed so they can be seen in the same quality as your streaming video cameras.

Prosumer Live Video Streaming Package Guide


Once your equipment has been delivered you will be able to get everything up and running quickly there’s a few simple steps to follow and you should be good to go.

Attach the Cameras to the supplied tripods, plug the cameras into the mains you can set the cameras to full auto or for more consistent results set the cameras to manual check the exposure and set the white balance across all cameras to be uniform.

Run the HDMI cables from the Camera to the switcher making a note of the “source” and “display” arrows on the cables as the cables are boosted and will only operate if they are connected the correct way around so the source end needs to connect to the camera.

Connect all the HDMI cables to your switcher and connect the switcher to your laptop using the supplied USB cable.

Power up the switcher and you will be able to switch between the cameras you can then open up the streaming platform you will be using or OBS on your computer and you can select the switcher as your video input and see a preview of what you will be streaming if your using OBS then this is a fantastic guide to help you.


Optional Upgrades for your Streaming Package

Wireless video camera transmitter and receivers

Don’t want to worry about running HDMI cables from your video cameras to your switcher then you can upgrade your package to include Hollyland wireless video transmitters and receivers to substitute the 20 meter HDMI cables keeping everything tidy and reducing the required time for the setup and pack away simply select them as an option above and you will be cable free and receive a set of transmitter and receivers for each video camera ordered.

MacBook Pro streaming laptop complete with OBS

Want to be up and running straight away then add one of our MacBook Pro laptop’s they are super powerful and perfect for streaming ready to connect directly to the supplied live stream video switcher and supplied with all the cables you need all that will be left to do is to connect the laptop to your internet you can connect wirelessly or via the supplied RJ45 cable and your good to go.

Wireless Lapel Microphones

If you don’t have a dedicated audio system then you can add a wireless lapel or handheld microphone so your presenters audio is broadcast quality giving your live video stream perfect audio.

Add as many wireless lapel kits you need to your package above each receiver can be attached to a video camera to embed the audio into the HDMI feed. 

Live Stream Production by Videoed

Not sure if you comfortable hanging and performing your live stream then you can hire one of our operators for a day or a full team of technicians and all the equipment and leave the complete live stream package to our dedicated team take a look at the live stream production packages here 

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